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PRESS RELEASE August 11, 2005
2nd week of Moonbow Human Rights & Homo Culture Festival

STOCKHOLM – International solidarity and Nordic lesbian & gay cultural achievement have been honored at the Nordic Tupilak Cabaret, August 5, at the Dramalabbet theater during the second week of the 5th Moonbow International Human Rights and Homo Culture Festival in the Swedish capital.

Tupilak’s Sowelu award for Nordic female cultural workers went to the members of the Norwegian Dance and Music Performance, “Why do I sleep with Girls” presented at Oslo Euro pride, and the Gothenburg Lesbian Choir of Sweden, which has made its first and highly sensual CD.

Tupilak’s Thor’s Hammer for Nordic male cultural workers has gone to Estonian cabaret singer, Erkki Otsman, who also performed at the cabaret, and Danish photographer, Magnus Ragnvid, who provided the photo and film logo for the Nordic cultural festival, Norden, in Berlin.

Tupilak’s Heimdahl for outstanding achievements in the mass media have gone to Blue Diamond, Nepal for the first rainbow web site and the Bulgarian LGBT organization,Gemini for the first rainbow radio station.

Tupilak’s annual Loke’ Travel Stipendium for work in Eastern Europe went to Swedish artist, Thomas Näslund, for travel to Krakow and Tallinn and the ILGCN world homo cultural conference events in these cities.

Tupilak’s Homophobia 2005 has gone to the political leaders of Warsaw and Krakow for banning rainbow Prides, and of Riga, who tried in vain to do the same.

International Awards from the ILGCN

Also at the Tupilak cabaret, the co-winner of the ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network) 2004 award Ofeo Iris was presented to the Stockholm’s Forum for Living History for its many exhibits and seminars on the Nazi and neo Nazi persecution of homosexuals. (The award was shared with the Malmö Museum’s, Skåne Nazis exhibit – handed out in January). The 2005 winner was to be announced at Moonbow Tallinn’s second stage of the ILGCN world homo cultural conference, August 12.)

ILGCN’s 2005 Arco Musica award went to Jenny Gabrielsson, of Umeå, Sweden, performing in Norway, Finland and Sweden and also performing at this- Moonbow cabaret.

The ILGCN’s 2005 Grizzly award for outstanding courage facing extreme homophobia has gone to activists in Poland defying hostile politicians and other homophobes, in Romania and Sri Lanka for carrying out their first Prides ever.

The ILGCN’s special Arco Nordica for co-operation over Nordic borders has gone to the Gay Camp Sweden and Gay Camp Latvia working together across the Baltic Sea.

Note: The Tupilak Golden Tupilak was awarded the week before to Louis-George Tin, the founder of IDAHO – the International Day Against Homophobia. (separate press release). ILGCN’s Clio 2005 for achievements in history was earlier presented to the first rainbow exhibition, “Grandfather’s Package” in a Finnish museum. Co-winner will be announced in London at the “Moonbow in Exile for Belarus” in October.)

Information: http://www.tupilak.se/

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