söndag 13 december 2009


LGBT activists, cultural workers, national and branch organizations, Pride and festival organizers, media, etc. in the Nordic/Baltic region:   Welcome to the first meeting of the N0RDIC-P0LISH-BALTIC (Estonia-Latvia-Lithuania)-RUSSIAN (St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad)-BELARUS NETWORK  -- to increase contact, mutual exchange and participation in each other*s events during the year.
No membership fee!  No bureaucracy!    Most contact via internet!

- Stockholm     Monday, January 18,
2010      18.00 - 22.00

.....at PositHIVa Gruppen  Tjurbergsgatan 29  (T-ban Skanskull)


"Lithuania: Homophobic Laws/  2nd Baltic Pride-Vilnius" -  ILGCN-Lithuania
"LGBT Barricades in Belarus" - ILGCN-Belarus
"Nordic LGBT in Eastern Europe" - Nordic Rainbow Council
"Work in Petersburg/ Belarus, etc."  - Civil Rights Defenders - Sweden
"HIV Work over Borders" - PositHIVagruppen -Stockholm
"Culture on the Baltic Rainbow Barricades" -- Tupilak
"Warsaw EuroPride/ Flowers for a 15th Century Polish King*  -- ILGCN Eastern Europe Secretariat - Warsaw
Latvian, Lithuanian delegates
at ILGCN meeting in Gothenburg

  DISCUSSIONS of NETWORK  Participation in 2010 Events:
1 March: rainbow cultural event - Vilnius (with EU Parliament LGBT group)
2. May: Nordic/Baltic cultural happening -- Tartu/Tallinn
3. May:  2nd Baltic Pride - Vilnius
4. July:  Baltic Solidarity Square - Visby
5. July:  Europride - Warsaw
6. September: Tribade Festival - Helsinki
7. September: 2nd Queer Cultural Week -- St. Petersburgat
8. September: International Solidarity Square - Gothenburg
9. December: Nordic-Polish-Baltic-Russian-Belarus Network anniversary - Stockholm

         Songs, music  from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland
         Rainbow Poems from Vilnius - ILGCN Lithuania
         Humanist's Rainbow Bible - Nordic Rainbow Humanists
    "Vlad's World" - Belarus
    "Tupilak/ILGCN Travelling Art Exhibit"
    FILM:  "Pink Curtain"  (U.K)

          Bill Schiller for Tupilak (Nordic rainbow cultural workers), Nordic Rainbow Council, ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network)  Information Secretariat - Stockholm, Nordic Rainbow
           www.tupilak.org   www.ilgcn.tupilak.org