Om Tupilak

.....started in 1989 to join together Rainbow cultural workers from different professions: writers, film makers, musicians, poets, journalists, actors, designers, singers, translators, sculptors, publishers, dancers, artists, photographers, etc.
Anna Rosén (Sweden)

........ arranges seminars, discussions, performances and exchange involving cultural workers in the Nordic area and visitors from abroad.. on a global level as one of the co-coordinators of  publication "Erato" and to encourage cultural exchange and emphasise the power and visibility of lesbian and gay culture.

..... has members in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Faeroe and the Åland islands.

Lars Ohly (Left Party leader) Bill Schiller (Tupilak)
LGBT-Monument, Visby

...... a "Tupilak" is a figure from Greenland made out of animal tooth or bone, given magical powers and sent to destroy one's enemies. Tupilak's enemies are homophobia and the silence over the enormous contribution of lesbians and gays to the world's culture.