söndag 4 september 2005


Contact in Sweden via
Tupilak or Humanisterna: info@humanisterna.org

Norway: Human-Estisk Forbund human@human.no)

... a network for lesbian & gay members of humanist and
humanist-ethical federations in Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia,
Iceland, Finland, Estonia & Denmark as well as Nordic supporters on
both sides of the Baltic Sea.

has members all over the world -- including in the Nordic region --
and has long been supporting lesbian and gay rights locally,
internationally and as an organization with observer status at the
United Nations.)


The Nordic rainbow NETWORK:

....... promotes humanist ideals, hold seminars and spread information
at local, national and international lesbian and gay conferences,
cultural festivals and other events.

...... belongs to their national Humanist and Human Ethical

.......is a member of the NORDIC HOMO COUNCIL.

..... promotes humanist ideas and spread information throughout the
Nordic region, in efforts to increase contact with other Nordic lesbian
and gay humanists.

.......maintains contact with lesbian and gay humanist groups in
Britain and elsewhere outside of the Nordic area.

.... arranges Nordic and international gatherings of rainbow humanists
to discuss common goals and joint co-operation.

......maintains contact with the Nordic United Nations federatations,
Nordic sections of Amnesty International and other human rights organizations, encouraging the visibility of humanism and homo rights.

.... co-operates with other Nordic homo organizations such as: Nordic-
ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network), TUPILAK
(Organization of lesbian and gay cultural workers in the Nordic area),
HAI (Homo cultural workers in Nordic sections of Amnesty
International), and lesbian and gay rights organizations throughout the region.

....awards the "HAPPY RAINBOW HUMANIST (the liberated human being)" diploma annually to honor pioneering achievements in the spirit of humanism on behalf of lesbian and gays rights.

In 2002, the award went to:GEORGE BROADHEAD, U.K. secretary of GALHA (Gay and Lesbian Humanists Association)

" for his enthusiastic, courageous and years-long work for the human
rights and dignity for lesbians and gays all over the world, for
determined letter- writing and other campaigns protesting over
political and religous oppression of homosexuals and to the United Nations for shutting its doors to homo organizations for international discussions of AIDS and human rights.

and for using his London-based organization and outstanding
publication to reach out and promote the creation of lesbian and gay
humanists organizations in other countries."


The 2003 HAPPY RAINBOW HUMANIST award went to:

CARL-JOHAN KELBERG the chairman of the Swedish Humanists and
long-time member of Tupilak (the organization of Lebian and gay
cultural workers in the Nordic area)

"..... for his enormous support for the Nordic Rainbow
Humanists, and his repeated participation in international homosexual
festivals and conferences to describe the years-long support of lesbian
and gay rights by the International Humanist & Ethical Union.

... for his writings in Swedish and international humanist
publications on behalf of women's rights, sexual liberation and lesbian
and gay rights.

... for his pioneering work helping create the unique Swedish book
of 'Ceremonies' .. offering music and poetry to help highlight
religion-free ceremonies for all aspects of human life -- from birth to
death -- and including lesbian and gay partnerships.

... for his amazing work in the global cultural sphere including the
creation of the very special United Nations' publication ('In from the
Margins' calling on the world's cultural ministers to stop ignoring and
to start respecting and promoting the cultural contribution of all
minorities -- including each nation's homosexual community.

... and for outstanding hospitality by opening the door of his own
home in Stockholm -- time and again -- to a flood of visiting lesbian
and gay cultural workers -- dancers, singers, photographers, film
makers, journalists, writers and many more -- from Iceland to Finland,
from Norway to Britain, from Brazil to the Netherlands -- making
crucial participation and solidarity across geographic borders possible."

(Note: The first two awards were handed out in Stockholm during the
Nordic Rainbow Humanist and HAI reception as part of the MOONBOW
International Homo Culture and Human Rights)