söndag 4 september 2005

Allting på - extra homo(u)s!

Här kommer en inbjudan till en ny föreställning med stå upp och sång. Hoppas
att du kan komma på någon av kvällarna!

Sång och stå upp - Ulrika Skogby
Piano - Jenny Svenberg
Saxar - Annakarin Bunnel
Kontrabas - Anna Holm

Lördag den 18 mars kl.19
Biocafé Tellus, T-bana Midsommarkransen
Pris: 70

Extra föreställningar 25/3 och 1/4 kl. 19 OBS! NY scen:
Midsommargården T-bana Telefonplan (på torget)



PRESS RELEASE January 9, 2006

Preparation for giant Rainbow Rights Conference in Montreal in July:

Stockholm – A comparison of policy and treatment of LGBT refugees seeking asylum in the different Nordic nations, the use of rainbow culture to highlight their situation – above and underground – and preparation of material for future conferences both within and beyond the Nordic region: these are the aims of the “Nordic Rainbow Refugees” conference and cultural happening in the Swedish capital on February 18, 2006.

“We know that there are both bright spots and dark tragedies for homosexuals seeking refugee in the Nordic region -- and there is a vital need to exchange information and learn from each other across Nordic borders,” says Bill Schiller of Tupilak (Nordic homo cultural workers), the Nordic Homo Council and the ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network) Information Secretariat in Stockholm.

“We also want to prepare more information for coming human rights conferences – such as the giant “Right to be Different” gathering opening the 1st Out Games in Montreal in July this year, and the 2nd Out Games and rainbow rights conference in Copenhagen in 2009,” Schiller adds.

Making the Refugee Visible Even Beyond the Rainbows

The Stockholm discussions will end with a cultural event making use of photography, dance, music, drama and poetry concentrating on the plight of the homosexual seeking asylum in the Nordic zone.

The pioneering Stockholm gathering will take place at the Nordic Council’s information office, Norden i Fokus – and is a follow-up of the 2-day Nordic conference on honor violence, “Honored to Silence, Honored to Death” among the native and immigrant/refugee communities in the Nordic nations arranged by Norden i Fokus, Tupilak, the Nordic Homo Council and the ILGCN.


tisdagen 28 februari 19.00 Café Aguéli

(Blecktornsgränd 9 T-ban Mariatorget) hitta.se

Stefan Rindeberg (Göteborg) Sång och Musik

(Val av ny styrelse -- Nytt blod välkommen!!!)


OBS! Medlemskapet behöver förnyas!!!

Post giro: 498 37 67 -7 100 kr.

Ditt bidrag behövs mer än någonsin!!

Kära medlem,

Vi i Tupilak har börjat ett nytt spännande verksamhetsår, tillsammans med Nordic Homo Council och ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network).

Februari 18 diskuterar vi nordiska regnbågs flytktingar och homo kultur på Norden i Fokus (Hantverskargatan 33 16.00-18.00) i Stockholm -- plus kultur kväll på Café Edenborg (Stora Nygatan 35 Gamal Stan 19.00-21.00)

Vi ordar kulturkväll på Galleri Aguéli 17 maj på IDAHO (International Day Against Homophobia).

Vi skickar delegationer till Moscow (Nordic Lights Festival -- som en del av ILGCN World Lesbian & Gay Culture Conference) och Jerusalem
(som en del av ILGCN world conference och World Pride).

Vi planer solidaritetshändelse med kolleger i Warsaw, Krakow (Nordic House), Posnan och i Stockholm.

Vi planerar Moonbow veckan i Stockholm – och återigen samarbete med Pride House med seminarier. 4th Nordic Queer Short Film Festival och Moonbow Cabaret senare I år.

Vi planerar även Moonbow festivalar i Tallinn och Riga.

Vi samarbetar med Svenska Amnesty med Film Festival och Koncert i Stockholm i Oktober.

Vi planerar Moonbow ’Festival in Exile’ för Belarus i Minsk, Malmö och Helsingborg på hösten.

Vi planerar Kristallnacht ceremoni 9 november på Hermans i Stockholm.

Hör av dig om du vill vara med!

Bill Schiller, ordf.


Press Release September 26, 2005

Next Stop: London, October 7-9, 2005

Stockholm – An international cultural and political solidarity event in support for rainbow colleagues in Europe’s last dictatorship took place in the Swedish capital September 23-24, 2005 – with seminars, art, song, music, poetry and pledges of future support from a number of human rights organizations.

Our Nordic-supported events in Minsk have earlier been attacked and harassed by police and threatened by both the regime and neo Nazis – so a “happening in exile” seemed to be the only possibility,” says Bill Schiller, secretary general of the ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network) Information Secretariat in Stockholm.

This meeting is very important for us, since the difficult situation for all NGO human rights group in Belarus is getting worse,” maintains Slava Bortnik, head of the Belarus LGBT Amnesty International group. His visit to Stockholm was made possible by the Swedish Institute.

The Stockholm meeting also included a focus on the lesbian and gay rights situation in Estonia and Latvia – only a few years ago part of the Soviet empire and even today facing homophobic press and politicians, bomb threats and neo Nazi attacks.

Support from the Stockholm Nordic Council Office

Several Belarus delegates were trying to attend our Moonbow festival in Tallinn this year, but they were stopped at their border,” says Krissu of Mea Culpa of the ILGCN Women’s Secretariat and co-organizer of the pioneering Moonbow festival in Estonia. “We are also still fighting against very negative media coverage of lesbians and gays, and neo Nazis harassing the Pride march.” Her travel to Stockholm was sponsored by the Nordic Council’s information office, Norden i Fokus, which also provided one of the venues for festival seminars.

The Latvian movement is still plagued by an enormous fear of coming out in a situation where neo Nazis and other homophobes – especially from the large Russian minority -- join forces against lesbians and gays,“ says Swedish veteran activist, Kjell Rindar, who has been teaching at Latvian universities.

Festival participants agreed to join forces to hold an “underground” stage of next year’s ILGCN world homo cultural conference in Minsk -- October, 2006 (see separate press release) and continue with “exile” festivals in Poland and elsewhere to help break the isolation of the lesbian, gay and trans community in Belarus.

Support for such meetings and other solidarity work with Belarus been expressed during the festival by representatives of the Swedish Helsinki Committee for human rights, the LGBT group of Swedish Amnesty, and the Swedish Parliament’s LGBT group.

The follow-up “Moonbow in exile” for Belarus event takes place in London, 7-9 October, 2005 -- organized by the ILGCN Literature Secretariat and others. The “moonbow” comes from the name of the alternative, international events organized in recent years on both sides of the Baltic Sea.

Supporters for the Stockholm event include the ILGCN, the Nordic Homo Council, Tupilak (Nordic homo cultural workers), and the Nordic Rainbow Humanists.


Information: ilgcn.tupilak.se

ILGCN World Homo Conference in Moscow, Jerusalem, Minsk

ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network)

Press Release 26.10.05

Discussions continue for a stage in 2006 or later in Istanbul

Stockholm -- The stages of the annual ILGCN World Conference on Lesbian & Gay Culture will be in Moscow: May 24 (part of the first IDAHO (International Day Against Homophobia) conference in the Russian capital May 24-27 and following the international IDAHO day on May 17), Jerusalem as part of World Pride: August 6-12 and Minsk: October 7-8 (part of the Belarus solidarity events in “exile” and “underground” in this the last dictatorship in Europe.

Plans continue under discussion about a possible stage in Istanbul in 2006 or as soon as possible in support of the courageous Turkish lesbian and gay rights movement facing renewed homophobic attacks from politicians and others.

ILGCN discussions in Montreal ?

Our original plans to have an ILGCN world conference stage at the giant Montreal “Right to be Different” conference --July 26-29, 2006 will be substituted hopefully by a seminar on ILGCN international solidarity and panelled by a number of ILGCN co-ordinators and cultural ambassadors -- since the large size and number of other sub conferences in Montreal will make it difficult to hold a separate conference on rainbow culture on the sidelines,” says Bill Schiller of the ILGCN Information Secretariat in Stockholm and ILGCN conference co-ordinator.

But we are convinced that this pioneering conference in Montreal will give a crucial and enormous input into the homo rights movement all over the globe -- especially in Eastern Europe where both the local activists and supporting international brigades are fighting life-and-death battles on the barricades.”


information: ilgcn.tupilak.se

Successful Moonbow Festival in London, October 2005

PRESS RELEASE November 1, 2005


Stockholm/London -- Plans are underway for next year’s “Moonbow Festivals in Exile for Belarus” in the southern Swedish cities of Malmö and Helsingborg in October, 2006 and Warsaw or another Polish city closer to the border of the Eastern European dictatorship of Belarus.

This follows the highly successful “festivals in exile” for colleagues in Belarus held this year in London October 7-9. and earlier in Stockholm in September

“The London event was very important for the gay and lesbian movement in my country,” says Vitali of Belarus, who told participants about the worsening situation for human rights groups and the rainbow movement there.

An effort to send a message of support to colleagues in Belarus via the Belarus Embassy in London was met by embassy staff threatening to call the police.

“We very pleased to have included seminars, art work, literary readings, music, theater performances, a visit to a London gay art gallery and a historical gay tour of London as part of our festival program,” says Ian Stewart, of the ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network) Literature Secretariat and the Paradise Press.

“We were also very happy to have so many groups making presentations during the festival such as gay activist organizations Outrage, CHE and Gay & Lesbian Humanists as well as the London Symphony Orchestra, the London Gay Choir, Tupilak (Nordic homo cultural workers), Nordic Homo Council and others.

ILGCN, Tuplak awards presented in London

During the London event, the ILGCN “Clio’s Silver Cup” for 2005 for outstanding contributions to homo history was presented to co-winner British teacher Sue Sanders for her launching the first U.K. Lesbian & Gay History Month (the other co-winner was the first rainbow museum exhibit in Finnish history in the city of Tampere).

This year’s ILGCN/Paradise Press “Sappho in Paradise” award for publishing and library work was presented to the Library Project of Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe.

Tupilak’s “Golden Tupilak” award for outstanding international solidarity was handed over to British gay activist, Peter Tatchell – a man who has won international attention for such actions as trying to arrest Zimbabean President Mugabe for his homophobic statements.

“Because of threats from both the homophobic Belarus regime and neo Nazis forcing us to cancel recent plans to hold a rainbow event in Minsk, we’ve decided with Belarus collegues to continue our festivals in exile next year,” says Bill Schiller of the ILGCN Information Secretariat and organizer of the solidarity event in Stockholm in September.

“We hope to work with the Polish Campaign Against Homophobia and the Swedish Anti-Racist Film Days with the 2006 Moonbow “exile” festivals – a name we give to our low-budget, international solidarity events taking place every year on both sides of the Baltic Sea,” Schiller concludes.


Nordic Rainbow Humanist Award 2005 to Norway's Kim Friele

PRESS RELEASE June 31, 2005

C/O Tupilak: http://www.tupilak.se/

Part of EuroPride 2005 Oslo

Oslo/Stockholm – The annual Nordic Rainbow Humanist award for 2005 has been presented to Norwegian humanist and pioneer lesbian and gay rights activist, Kim-Karen Kristine Friele, during the Europride-Oslo celebrations in the Norwegian capital in June.

Honored also with the unveiling of a bust of her to be placed in a public space, the 70-year-old Norwegian activist described in her speech called “Changes and Challenges” the early years of the Norwegian and Nordic homo struggle and the internal fears and guilt feelings that hindered so many from being active.

“We have long neglected the question of international rainbow solidarity – and should give much more support to this now,” Kim Friele said in her speech in an Oslo Euro Pride tent during the Nordic Rainbow Humanist event there.

Other events arranged jointly by the Nordic Rainbow Humanists, the Nordic Homo Council and Tupilak (Nordic organization of lesbian and gay cultural workers) on the sideline of Euro Pride and held at the Humanist House included seminars, films and art exhibits on Nazi & neo Nazi persecution of homosexuals, Nordic and international solidarity.

Rainbow Flag Flying at Oslo’s Humanist House

“We were very pleased to have been given facilities at the large and beautiful Humanist House in Oslo,” says Bill Schiller, Stockholm-based international secretary of the Nordic Rainbow Humanists. “We were also very proud to see the downtown Oslo building fly a large rainbow flag from its façade – visible in all directions and a solid confirmation of the decades-long support given to homosexuals around the world by the global humanist movement in the face of homophobic pressures from all religions.”

“We are also very thankful for all the crucial support given to these events by Norwegian rainbow humanist, Rolf Solheim,” Schiller adds.

Earlier winners of the ‘Happy Rainbow Humanist’ award include George Broadhead, founder of the London-based GALHA international gay and lesbian humanist organization, and Carl-Johan Kleberg, former chairman of the Swedish humanists, and long-time member of Tupilak and the Nordic Rainbow Humanists.


PRESS RELEASE August 11, 2005
2nd week of Moonbow Human Rights & Homo Culture Festival

STOCKHOLM – International solidarity and Nordic lesbian & gay cultural achievement have been honored at the Nordic Tupilak Cabaret, August 5, at the Dramalabbet theater during the second week of the 5th Moonbow International Human Rights and Homo Culture Festival in the Swedish capital.

Tupilak’s Sowelu award for Nordic female cultural workers went to the members of the Norwegian Dance and Music Performance, “Why do I sleep with Girls” presented at Oslo Euro pride, and the Gothenburg Lesbian Choir of Sweden, which has made its first and highly sensual CD.

Tupilak’s Thor’s Hammer for Nordic male cultural workers has gone to Estonian cabaret singer, Erkki Otsman, who also performed at the cabaret, and Danish photographer, Magnus Ragnvid, who provided the photo and film logo for the Nordic cultural festival, Norden, in Berlin.

Tupilak’s Heimdahl for outstanding achievements in the mass media have gone to Blue Diamond, Nepal for the first rainbow web site and the Bulgarian LGBT organization,Gemini for the first rainbow radio station.

Tupilak’s annual Loke’ Travel Stipendium for work in Eastern Europe went to Swedish artist, Thomas Näslund, for travel to Krakow and Tallinn and the ILGCN world homo cultural conference events in these cities.

Tupilak’s Homophobia 2005 has gone to the political leaders of Warsaw and Krakow for banning rainbow Prides, and of Riga, who tried in vain to do the same.

International Awards from the ILGCN

Also at the Tupilak cabaret, the co-winner of the ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network) 2004 award Ofeo Iris was presented to the Stockholm’s Forum for Living History for its many exhibits and seminars on the Nazi and neo Nazi persecution of homosexuals. (The award was shared with the Malmö Museum’s, Skåne Nazis exhibit – handed out in January). The 2005 winner was to be announced at Moonbow Tallinn’s second stage of the ILGCN world homo cultural conference, August 12.)

ILGCN’s 2005 Arco Musica award went to Jenny Gabrielsson, of Umeå, Sweden, performing in Norway, Finland and Sweden and also performing at this- Moonbow cabaret.

The ILGCN’s 2005 Grizzly award for outstanding courage facing extreme homophobia has gone to activists in Poland defying hostile politicians and other homophobes, in Romania and Sri Lanka for carrying out their first Prides ever.

The ILGCN’s special Arco Nordica for co-operation over Nordic borders has gone to the Gay Camp Sweden and Gay Camp Latvia working together across the Baltic Sea.

Note: The Tupilak Golden Tupilak was awarded the week before to Louis-George Tin, the founder of IDAHO – the International Day Against Homophobia. (separate press release). ILGCN’s Clio 2005 for achievements in history was earlier presented to the first rainbow exhibition, “Grandfather’s Package” in a Finnish museum. Co-winner will be announced in London at the “Moonbow in Exile for Belarus” in October.)

Information: http://www.tupilak.se/

2006-02-27" format="IS1" type="mmdate">


-- Stockholm: September 23-24, 2005 (http://www.tupilak.se/)

-- London: October 7-8, 2005 ( istewart@alumni.sfu.ca)

Earlier international Nordic-Belarus rainbow events have been attacked by police,
thrown out of their venues (forcing delegates to hold seminars in the streets and
city parks of Minsk) and last year cancelled – after the dicatorial regime threatened
to expel any visiting rainbow foreigners and Belarussian neo Nazis promised to
wipe out homosexuality itself from the country.

To prevent the isolation of our Belarus colleagues….

… and to discuss the situation for rainbow activists in Estonia & Latvia…

Nordic Homo Council (member of the ILGA)
Tupilak (Nordic organization of lesbian & gay cultural workers)
Nordic Rainbow Humanists
ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network)
Information Secretariat -- Stockholm

…invite you to a Nordic event in Stockholm in the spirit of our
International Moonbow Human Rights & Homo Festivals

(taking place for the last 5 years on both sides of the Baltic Sea.)

Preliminary Program: Exile in Stockholm

Friday, September 23, 2005

9.30-10.00 Press briefing with organizers, visiting colleagues from
Belarus,Estonia & Latvia (Studio 5 Radio House)
(Oxenstiernsgatan 20)

10.00-12.00 “Present LGBT situation in Belarus” (Belarus Rainbow Amnesty)

“Situation in Estonia (Mea Culpa) & in Latvia”
Would-be bans, bomb threats, neo nazi violence, tear gas, eggs,
homophobic clergy, mayors and mass media.
(same as above)

13.00-14.00 Working lunch: “Homophobia & Mass Media in Belarus,”

Mass media: support or condemnation in Estonia, Latvia…?

Study visits to Belarus, Estonian & Latvian sections of Radio Sweden
International (the only public service radio broadcasting in Belarussian!)
(Radio House)

15.00-16.00 “International Support for Rainbow colleagues in Belarus?”
from Helsinki Human Rights Committees, Amnesty International, World
Humanists, IDAHO: International Day Against Homophobia, United
Against Racism, ILGA, etc.

“A stage of the 9th ILGCN World Homo Culture Conference
in Minsk, 2006….?” How would this complement the stages in
Moscow (May), Jerusalem (World Pride) August 6-12) and Istanbul

Note: limited space! Swedish Helsinki Committee office
(Gyllenstiernsgatan 16)

18.00 – 21.00 “Tupilak Voodoo vs. Homophobia in Belarus: Solidarity
concert for & with Belarus (art, photography, music, songs,
and poetry from Belarus, Estonia, Latvia and the Nordic area).
(Café Galleri Aguéli Blektornsgränd 9 T-ban Mariatorget)

Drawing of the ’Belarus Vodka’ lottery (fund-raising for visiting activists’ travel costs)

Festival in Exile for Belarus

Saturday, September 24, 2005

12.00 – 13.00 “AIDS & Homophobia in Belarus, Eastern Europe” (Aguéli)

13.30 – 14.30 Working Lunch: “Rainbow/Moonbow Culture vs.
Homophobia & Silence in Belarus”
(Herman’s Garden Café)
(Fjällgatan 23 T-ban Slussen)

15.00 – 16.00 “A joint Nordic policy of support for Rainbow Belarus..?”
(Nordic Council, Nordic LGBT groups, etc.)

1st Belarus LGBT documentary film: “They Still Smile” – Irina Sislova

(Norden i Fokus – Nordic Council information office Hantverkargatan 33)

20.00-22.00 “Inspiration Evening on Runmarö:” brain-storming, discussion,
music, poetry in the moonlight by the campfire on an archipelago island.

(Music & Art Studio Fröbis - Styrsvik)

(Note: Limited overnight accommodation. Taxi boat service to the mainland).
Note: All events open to the public (space sometimes limited).

No entrance fees.

2006-02-27" format="IS1" type="mmdate">



Fredag 5 augusti 18.00 – 22.00
Dramalabbet, ( Hagagatan 48, T-bana Odenplan )hitta.se

... en fartfylld kväll med mycket musik, konst och dans!

Konstinstallation "Attachement" - av Helene Hortlund


Drag me on top (Malmö) - showgrupp med 6 dansare och två dragartister

Emil Svensson sång o piano
Anna Rosén - fiol
Katrin Forsmo - cello
Sunniva Huglen - dans (Norge)

Eva Nykvist
(Värmland) - sång
Erkki Otsma
(Estland) - showartist

Jenny Gabrielsson
(Umeå) - sång o gitarr
Peter Fröberg
- sång

Biljetter säljs från kl 14
Kvällsmedlem 100 kr Tupilakmedlem 80 kr

Sallad, smörgåsar, dryck serveras av Niklas i baren från kl 17

Prisutdelning av årliga Tupilak Awards for International and Nordic achievements.

Reducerat inträde för medlemmar i Tupilak Medlemskap kan lösas vid entrén!
Alla välkomna till teaterlokalen: Dramalabbet Barservering och smörgås mellan uppträdandena

2006-02-27" format="IS1" type="mmdate">

International Human Rights & Homo Culture Festival -- Stockholm 2005

Friday, July 29 18.00 – 22.00 Galleri Café Aguéli

(no entrance fee) (Blecktornsgränd 9 Mariatorget hitta.se)

the site of the Tupilak Nordic Art Exhibition

Guest Speaker: Louis-Georges Tin (Paris)

– the initiator of the May 17 International Day Against Homophobia


’Selma & Louise,’ ‘Manhood’ -- Mia Engberg, Sweden

‘Phineas Slipped’ -- Oakie of San Francisco

‘Bear Circuit’ – Slide show journey in the Finnish forest with the shaman

Supported by Tupilak,Nordic Homo Council, ILGCN Information Secretariat

Moonbow Festival:

Seminarier på Pride House
1 - 5 augusti
(utdrag ur programmet)

(De arrangerade av Tupilak, Nordic Homo Council, ILGCN)

Nazi & neo Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals
Måndag 1 augusti, kl 15.00

a multi-media seminar about lesbians and gays before, during and after the Nazi regime, the official rainbow delegations to Auschwitz and other death camps, the annual Orfeo Iris award, using homo culture to break the silence, and continuing neo Nazi attacks on homosexuals in many countries. Colin de la Motte-Sherman –ILGCN,- Bill Schiller Tupilak.(På engelska)

Nordic Rainbow Humanists
Måndag 1 augusti, kl 17.00

– ett alternativ till det religiösa hatet och homofobin från Vatikanen, Islamska mullorna, Synagogorna och andra religiösa institutioner. Nordiska försök att nå ut till alla våra kamrater. En panel ledd av Carl Johan Kleberg - Nordic Rainbow Humanists, Tupilak, ILGCN, NRH.

Tupilak -- Homo Kultur över Nordiska gränser & och därutöver
Tisdag 2 augusti, kl 15.00

Nordisk kulturell ”voodoo magik” mot homofobi och tystnad.
Från balett till foto, konst till poesi. En panel ledd av Willi Reichhold -Tupilak.

Nordic Homo Council
Tisdag 2 augusti, kl 16.00

working across Nordic borders. A panel headed by Bill Schiller - Nordic Homo Council, with representatives from Tupilak, ILGCN and Nordic guest speaker. (På engelska)

On the International Barricades
Onsdag 3 augusti, kl 16.00

– Nordic rainbow work I Öst-Europa, ILGA, Helsinki Human Rights Committees, World Humanists, Amnesty International, Montreal 2006’s “Right to be Different“ Conference, World Day vs. Homophobia. A panel headed by Thomas Näslund – ILGCN, Tupilak, NHC. (På engelska)

Rainbow Battles of Krakow -- – Polens sak är också vår!”
Onsdag 3 augusti, kl 17.00
Panel med Ilona Salczynska från: Campaign Against Homophobia-Krakow,
Nordic Homo Council, Tupilak och ILGCN (På engelska)

Regnbågsarbete ute i landet (Loke’s Sisters Award)
Torsdag 4 augusti, kl 17.00
Ett årligt Tupilak pris för kampen utanför de större svenska städerna.
Panel med inbjudna talare från RFSL-Sundsvall (första mottagaren av priset),
Tupilak (Lokes Systrars Fond), Nordic Homo Council.

OBS: Tupilak är en nordisk organisation med lesbiska och gay, LGBT kulturarbetare. ILGCN is the International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network. Nordic Homo Council är en förening för kulturellt samarbete i Norden och Baltikum, NHC är medlem i ILGA.



Galleri AGUELI Blecktornsgränd 9 hitta.se( T-bana Mariatorget )

Vernissage 24 juli kl 15.00


Ingrid Fuglstad
Carita Wikberg
Ingemar Karlsson Gadea
Willy Reichhold
Dimitri Zinovjev
Tanja Merikosk

Galleriet har öppet:

söndag 24 juli 15.00 – 18.00

Måndag – söndag 12.00 – 18.00,

dessutom Torsdag 28 juli Kortfilmsfestival 18.00- 22.00, (gratis)

Fredag 29 juli Kulturkväll
18.00 – 20.00
, Happening.
Med Mr Louis-Georges Tin;
initiativtagare till Världsdagen
mot Homofobi – 17 maj.

Tupilak anordnar ett konstlotteri med konst som vinster.

Alla varmt välkomna!

2006-02-27" format="IS1" type="mmdate">


Fjällgatan 23 hitta.se
( T-bana Slussen, buss stopp Tjärhovsgatan )

Söndag 7 augusti kl 16.00

Songs & Music:
Frida Selander


Avslutningsträff av Moonbow festivalen med
Dragning av konstlotteriet, Musik
(Servering av mat och dryck tillgänglig)
Ingen entré.

Alla varmt välkomna!

How can we assist the development of the gay and lesbian human rights movement in Eastern Europe?


Amnesty International Norway invites you to a seminar
on Wednesday June 22nd from 12.00 - 18.00
at the Human Rights House in Tordenskioldsgate 6 B

The living conditions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered
people differ widely throughout the world. While the gay rights movement in
Norway during the last decade has paid little or no attention to matters of
international solidarity, the Norwegian solidarity movement has paid
little attention to the situation of gays and lesbians. Amnesty wishes to
bridge this gap, which is why we are inviting you to take part in this seminar
with a focus on what human rights activist - whatever their sexual
orientation may be - can do to enhance the fundamental rights of gays
and lesbians in Eastern Europe.

Despite the decriminalization of homosexuality in Eastern Europe after
the fall of the Berlin wall, the public attitude in many Eastern European
countries continues to be severely homophobic. Gays and lesbians
experience human rights violations on a daily basis. Changing these attitudes
takes courageous individuals who dare to be visible, and international
organizations who dare to support their work. We have invited human
rights defenders from Poland, Russia, Moldova and Bosnia-Herzegovina to speak
about their work and what kind of support and cooperation they envisage
from us. They represent organizations which offer gays, lesbians,
bisexuals and transgendered people a safe space to explore their identities,
monitor and report human rights abuses, lobby for changes in discriminatory
laws and engage in public debate.

Maxim Anmeghicigan is the leader of Information Center GenderDoc-M, i Chisinau, Moldova. He is also a board member of the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) Europe.
Konstantin Egornov is the leader of Krug in Murmansk, Russia.
Svetlana Djurkovic is the leader of Q-Association, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Ania Gruszczynska
is the coordinator of the Krakow department of the Campaign against Homophobia, Poland. Dennis Van der Veur is the author of the report Homosexuality in South
Eastern Europe, based on a fact finding mission in Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Slovenia, and Moldova. Dag Øistein Endsjø heads the Norwegian Human Rights Alliance. He will talk about what protection lgbt, have under international law, and what the addition of new member states to the European Union could mean to the
rights of gays and lesbians in Europe.

The seminar will be conducted in English. There is no conference fee,
but you need to register with marna@chello.no before June 20th.

The seminar is funded by the Freedom of Expression Foundation.



GALLERI AGUELI, Blecktornsgränd 9
(T-bana Mariatorget)hitta.se

Arrangeras av Tupilak, Nordic Homo Council och
Norden i Fokus – Stockholm information office.

Torsdag 28 juli 2005 kl 18.00 – 22.00

Några av filmerna:

  • ”Daddy & the Muscle Academy” – Finland

  • “Re: Tchaikovsky” från Göteborgs Operaballet

  • ”Nord” Danmark (från Berlins Nordiska Kultur Festival)

  • ”Natten är min” Sverige

  • ”Toy Boys” Norge

  • ”Tupilak Cabaret” Sverige

  • ”My Helsinki” Finland

  • ”Falling” Finland

  • ”The Stars We Are” Sverige

Till visningarna av filmerna har vi speciellt bjudit in några av regissörerna.
Vi har en diskussion och en frågestund mellan filmvisningarna med dessa.
Varför finns det så få nordiska produktioner och så dålig distribution av dessa filmer?
Hur kan vi göra det lättare för dessa filmskapare?

Kortfilmsfestivalen hålls i utställningssalarna på Galleri Agueli
där Moonbow konstutställning samtidigt pågår.

Inträde är gratis.

Alla är mycket välkomna!


Artist Stephan Hörhammer’s very personnel exhibit,

“Martyrs of Love” is on display from May 2-29, 2005 in the Museum of New Art in Pärnu,
Estonia – with a strong homosexual theme portraying not only the powerful love between
men, but also reflecting the emotional and physical violence around the world
-- including the rape of youngsters and the torture and
murder of men and women in countries all over the globe.

The Swedish-Finnish artist has also exhibited earlier in Stockholm
and plans future studies and more art exhibits in New York.

Tupilak Kulturkväll

musik, sång, konst, foto, diskussion

Galleri Café Aguéli
(Blecktornsgränd 9 Mariatorget, Stockholm)hitta.se

Söndagen, 5 juni, 2005 18.00-20.00

  • Krissu – Mea Culpa Moonbow Tallinn (8-14 augusti)

  • Martin Andreasson -- HBT Riksdagsgruppen

  • Anders Ödvall -- Regnbågsarbetet i Brasilien

  • Ulf Schyldt -- RFSL kultur politik

  • Bill Schiller -- Tupilak in Oslo (Europride: 21-23 juni), in Tampere
    (Finnish Pride: 9 juli)

  • Moonbow ‘festivals in exile’ for Belarus: Vilnius/Stockholm/London


Gratis för Tupilak medlemmar och aktivister i Nord Homo Council,
ILGCN Information Secretariat & Nordic Rainbow Humanists.

(Annars, alla bidrag välkomna för att täcka hyran!)

Nästa Kulturkväll: 4 september

Tupilak: lesbian & gay cultural workers in the Nordic area
Member of the Nordic Homo Council, International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network.


May 17, 2005 the first

(The 15th anniversary of the World Health Organization abolition of the classification
of homosexuality as a disease -- a day to be celebrated in cities all over the globe.)

Väduren Roslagsgatan 20 Stockholm 17.00

(1 street from Odengatan …next to Klaus på Hörnet Bus 53 stop)


Björn Haugan (Norway)
with a song from the rainbow ceremony at Mauthausen concentration camp, Austria

“Cinco de la Tarde”

a reading... from Garcia Lorca to a soldier in Iraq

Greetings from elsewhere in the Nordic region.


Tupilak (Nordic organization of lesbian & gay cultural workers)
ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network)
Information Secretariat
Nordic Homo Council
Nordic Rainbow Humanists



PRESS RELEASE October 26, 2004

Stockholm – The first conference on honour violence against lesbian and gay immigrants and refugees in the Nordic region -- “Honoured to Silence, Honoured to Death,” has taken place in the Swedish capital on October 15 -16, 2004 – at the Mediterranean Museum in downtown Stockholm and in the immigrant-rich suburb of Rinkeby.

“It took years for the Swedish mass media to take up the question of honour violence against immigrant women,” says well-known Swedish writer and journalist, Arne Ruth. “One of the most important issues today is to shed light on the violence against immigrant homosexuals.”

“We know that verbal and physical violence against homosexuals occurs in all countries, all cultures and all religions. This conference is not aimed against any immigrant group – but in solidarity with those facing abuse both on the streets from neo Nazis and other homophobes and at home by intolerant family members,” says Bill Schilller, chairman of Tupilak (Nordic homo cultural workers) and international secretary of the Nordic Homo Council, co-organizer of the conference.

“We think it’s highly valuable to see how this question is being discussed and researched in all Nordic nations -- and how much we can learn from each other,” maintains Icelander Stefán Vibergsson, working with the Nordic I Fokus information office in Stockholm – co-organizer of the conference. “We also want to send an important message to immigrants by holding one day at the Rinkeby Folkets Hus.”

First Nordic Study Coming Soon

“We are carrying out what we think is the first study of honour violence against immigrants in the Nordic region, and hope to publish this in December” says Elisabet Nidjö, RFSL curator in the southern Swedish city of Malmö.

“We need to publicize more information on this and have a stronger discussion and offer solid support to lesbians and gays in the immigrant communities,” says Andreas Carlgren, general director of Sweden’s Department of Integration.

“We have been interviewing a number of young immigrant lesbians and gays in the Copenhagen area, asking about their ‘coming out’ process and the discrimination they have faced. We have also been given funding to extend our study to all of Denmark,” says researcher Caroline Osander of the LBL project – presenting research in both Danish and English to the joy of the participating immigrants from Iran, Uruguay, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and Hungary -- not always able to handle non-Swedish texts.

“I have been surprised to see so little studies on lesbian immigrants anywhere at all, even when attending international conferences,” says Dina Avrahami , carrying out research at Stockholm University on lesbians’ migration, sexuality and marginalization.

Iranian-born Mashid Rasti confirms that she has often received reactions of astonishment from fellow countrymen when she explains that she is representing those Iranian homosexuals too afraid to come out themselves at meetings or at Stockholm Pride demonstrations.

Marna Eide has been carrying out work with immigrant refugees in Oslo and the LBGT project has produced a film “Kampen för Kärleken” screened at the conference about two Asian gays in Norway .

“We have just started working with homosexual immigrants in Finland, and will take up the information presented here to our colleagues back home and to the next Finnish Pride – which next year will be in Tampere,” says Jani Teittinen of SETA-Finland.

Kurdo Bakshi, who has just published a new documentary book interviewing six lesbians and gays with immigrant backgrounds underlines how difficult it was to find both well-known and unknown subjects willing to come out into the open without fear of reprisals from home.
Stronger Voices from the Swedish Parliament

“We all have to raise our voices behalf of the lesbian and gay immigrant in our communities,” says Gustav Fridolin, Green Party parliamentarian and member of the Swedish Parliament’s LBGT group. “This should also be the work of our parliamentary group – which with its support from heterosexual collegues is one of the biggest in the parliament.”

Lesbian and gay researchers and consulars at the Stockholm meeting have decided to form a Nordic network and the Nordic Homo Council is urging Norden i Fokus offices around the Nordic region to help with future “Honoured to Silence” conferences.

The follow up discussions will be in Gothenburg on November 6, where the head of the western Swedish Nordic Information office will be a key-note speaker.

For more information: Bill Schiller bill@tupilak.se


PRESS RELEASE Febuary 3, 2005

January 27th Ceremony: 60th Anniversary of Liberation of Auschwitz

Malmö/Stockholm – The annual ILGCN ‘Orfeo Iris’ award for outstanding information and research work on Nazi and neo Nazi persecution of homosexuals was handed over to Malmo City Museum’s ‘Skåne Nazis” exhibition in the south Swedish city on January 27th – the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

“The 2004 award from the International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network has gone to both the Malmö exhibition and Stockholm’s Forum for Living History – for its information work on the Roma and homosexuals as forgotten victims of the Holocaust,“ says Bill Schiller of the ILGCN Information Secretariat in Stockholm.

The Malmö ceremony was attended by a large crowd at the museum and was followed by a presentation of research on homosexuals during the 3rd Reich, covering examples of art, films, books and drama on this, official rainbow delegations to Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps, the struggle to set up more homo monuments in different cities, and examples of homophobic neo nazi attacks today.

“We’re very pleased that the Malmö event has put a special focus on Nazi persecution of homosexuals and that this has been widely covered in the mass media – since so many other exhibits and news reports conveniently drop homosexuals from the lists of Nazi and neo Nazi targets,” Schiller adds.

Stockholm Forum to Continue Focusing on Homosexuals

Responding to the 2004 ward, Stockholm’s Forum for Living History says: “We at the Forum are deeply honoured to receive the Orfeo Iris award. Our work to spread information and make knowledge accessible about persecution of Roma and queer people in the past as well as examining discriminatory norms today, has only begun. Even if we are currently giving these questions special focus, our ambition is to continue in one form or another for many years to come.

“It is especially gratifying to be acknowleged by an organisation that has been involved in these issues for so long. Once again, we thank you!” Heléne Lööw - director of the Living History Forum, Jorun Kugelberg and Ulrika Westerlund - LGBT project co-ordinators and Joakim Scheele – Roma project co-ordinator.

Earlier awards have gone to the Auschwitz museum, researchers working with Dachau and Sachsenhausen, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and Austrians whose exhibition in a Vienna square on Nazi persecution was destroyed by neo Nazis.
The ‘Orfeo Iris’ diploma also includes work by Finnish and Sweden artists from Tupilak (Organization of Nordic homo cultural workers).

The award is named after the Greek god who used beautiful music to calm the demons and beasts of the underworld….and after the rainbow -- the multi-colored symbol of the struggle for identity, visibility and human rights for homosexuals all over the world. (Some Greek legends say when Orfeo returned to the surface of the earth without his Eurydice, he turned his love to men.)


Swedish Tupilak members playing music at the Auschwitz Wall of Death

Tupilak Kulturkväll

musik, sång, konst, foto, diskussion

Galleri Café Aguéli
(Blecktornsgränd 9 Mariatorget, Stockholm)

Söndagen, 3 april, 2005 18.00-20.00

  • Normal Förlag -- lesbisk och bög literatur

  • KUNQ queer teater -- Pelle Haneous

  • Regnbågs Kultur i Lettland -- Kjell Rindar

  • Röster i SVT och Radio: Mark Cummins, Radio Sweden

Gratis för Tupilak medlemmar och aktivister i Nord Homo Council,
ILGCN Information Secretariat & Nordic Rainbow Humanists.
(Annars, alla bidrag välkomna för att täcka hyran!)

Nästa Kulturkväll:
1 maj, 5 juni

Tupilak: lesbian & gay cultural workers in the Nordic area
Member of the Nordic Homo Council & ILGCN
(International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network).


2006-02-27" format="IS1" type="mmdate">


PRESS RELEASE May 18, 2005

Swedish/Norwegian music and text on 1st International Day Against Homophobia:

Stockholm -- A Swedish and Norwegian rainbow cultural ceremony took place in the Swedish capital on May 17th -- the 1st International Day against Homophobia -- with Norwegian opera singer Björn Haugan presenting the same song he sang at a ceremony in the Nazi concentration camp of Mauthausen in Austria in 2002 honoring the homosexuals who perished in the death camps.

Bill Schiller, of Tupilak (Nordic organization of homosexual cultural workers) and of the ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network) Information Secretariat in Stockholm, presented IDAHO greetings from groups in such countries as Bulgaria and the dictatorship of Belarus – mentioning the planned rainbow cultural festivals-in-exile for Belarus in Stockholm in September and London in October.

He also presented examples of homophobic violence claiming victims around the world – from Spainish poet Frederico Garcia Lorca to murdered young gays in Sweden and the U.S. to a gay soldier in Iraq -- brutally raped by others in the barracks and sent to his death on the mine fields.

Downtown Rainbow Rally

Some participants of the Tupilak/ILGCN afternoon cultural ceremony then joined a rally for IDAHO in a downtown Stockholm square arranged by the youth section of the Swedish national LBGT rights organization, RFSL.

Speakers there included the Social Democratic minister of discrimination questions and the minister for integration, the head of the opposition Left Party, a leader of the new Swedish Feminist Party, members of the Swedish Parliament’s LBGT group and Swedish lesbian and gay activists.

More information: www.tupilak.se

Photos of Tupilak/ILGCN event available from the Swedish newspaper,
Stockholmsfria Tidningen.

Tupilak (Nordic organization of lesbian & gay cultural workers),ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network) Information SecretariatNordic Homo Council,Nordic Rainbow Humanists

2006-02-27" format="IS1" type="mmdate">





Anmälan ska skickas senast 15 juni. Vi prioriterar utställare som
inte deltagit i Tupilaks tidigare sommarutställningar. Vid stort anslutning sker ett urval.
Medlemskap i TUPILAK krävs för utställare. Kontakta Niklas för information och
Varje utställare får chansen att själva få vara värd på Galleriet, vi kan inte låta Galleriet
vara obemannat under utställningstiden så en värdlista kommer att finnas för att någon alltid ska finnas i lokalen, som kan informera om konstnärer och om Tupilak.
Under utställningstiden kommer olika arrangemang att ske; dans, musik, happenings och
föreläsningar. Under två kvällar kommer vi dessutom att ha kulturföreställningar.
Under konstutställningen kommer vi att sälja lotter för att få in medel till hyran.


Öppettider för Galleri Café AGUELI är Måndag till söndag 12.00 – 18.00
Dessutom 2 kulturkvällar 18.00 – 20-00 (ännu ej bestämda vilka)
Adress: Blecktornsgränd 9, (T-Mariatorget) hitta.se

"Mr. Green"

-- Finnish theater visit from
Vaasa, Finland to Stockholm during Moonbow:

Performance in Swedish -- about Loneliness, Jewish traditions,
Homosexuality and Solidarity

Friday, July 30, 2004

15.30 and 19.30 at
Galleri Aguéli Blecktornsgränd 9 -- Tube - Mariatorget )

...........När besökte du din morfar senast? Eller en gammal människa
överhuvudtaget? Om ditt svar är senaste vecka hör du till en minoritet.
Ensamheten är en folksjukdom som inte bara drabbar pensionärer, många är de som inte har någon att tala med trots att de har folk omkring sig.

Genom en olyckshändelse sammanförs den ortodoxt troende åldrige Mr. Green med den yngre karriärsdrivna Ross. Ett möte som de helst hade sluppit, en kollision mellan två generationer och livsstilar där toleransen sätts på spel, men som i slutändan blir något fruktbart. Detta är i korthet komedin 'Mr. Green får besök', pjäsen behandlar även temata som judendom, religionens negativa sidor, homosexualitet, intolerans, främlingsskap och förlåtelse. En pjäs om hur svårt eller lätt det är att vara människa.

Pjäsen i sin nuvarande uppsättning har tidigare uppförts på Pride 2003
Va(a)sa och på Vasa stadsteater, pjäsen kommer även att gästa Stockholm i sommar. Arbetsgruppen bakom uppsättningen består av: Lasse Hjelt i rollen som Mr. Green, Kaj Heino i rollen som Ross Gardiner, Tiina Puharinen som står för regin och Rasmus Mellberg som skrivit musiken.

åelse och framförallt förlåtelse.

Med vänlig hälsning

Lasse, Kaj, Tiina och Rasse


fredagen 13 augusti 13.40


Välkommen till Riddarhyttan den 11 - 14 Augusti!

Ersätt vilsenheten och ensamheten med glädjen och styrkan i att vara
tillsammans! Nu kommer folkbildningspartyt som innehåller lite mer.
Fyra dagar av fest, teater, musik, diskussion, samvaro och motstånd.
Där alla krafter som verkar för en rättvisare och mer demokratisk värld
kan mötas på en drogfri och icke-kommersiell festival för alla åldrar, alla kulturer, alla identiteter.




PRESS RELEASE Stockholm, September 16, 2004

Emergency sessions discussing homophobia,
homo culture, fund-raising:

London/Copenhagen/Stockholm - This year's ILGCN (International
Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network) world homo culture conference stages
will take place in Copenhagen on October 23st and in London on November 13, 2004.

"These emergency planning sessions will replace the Steptember
conference stage planned in San Juan, Puerto Rico - postponed because of illness and aborted sponsorship - and the August stage in Minsk - cancelled because of neo nazi threats and warnings from the dictatorial regime that foreign delegates would be deported if they tried to meet Belarus activists," says Bill Schiller of ILGCN-Nordic and ILGCN conference co-ordinator.

The sessions in the Danish and British capitals will also
provide a chance for some of the ILGCN co-ordinators and cultural
ambassadors and other supporters of international cultural solidarity
to review e-mail recommendations and proposals from those unable to attend in such short notice.

Support for Krakow, Minsk, Jerusalem, Oslo & Montreal

"Burning issues will include planning ILGCN support for colleagues
in such crisis areas as Krakow -- planning its 2nd cultural festival
next May despite this year's violent neo Nazi attacks -- and "cultural
festivals in exile" for Minsk. Discussions will also cover ILGCN
support for World Pride in Jerusalem and Europride in Oslo in 2005 and the giant "Right to be Different" conference as part of the Montreal Rendez-Vous games in 2006," Schiller adds.

Other business will be to approve the sites for the 8th world
conference stages next year, crucial fund-raising for future conference
hosts unable to find financial backing in hostile, homophobic
environments, giving formal approval to new ILGCN co-ordinators and
ambassadors and announcing the winners of the last of this year's ILGCN awards.

"In London, we'll be pleased to be meeting at the historic
Conway Hall - a traditional meeting place of the Humanist movement well known for its support of homo rights -- and to be on hand to help
salute the lesbian and gay humanist organization, GALHA on its 25th
anniversary," Schiller concludes.



September 20, 2004

against lesbian and gay immigrants in the Nordic area.

Conference and cultural happenings in:
Stockholm October 15-16, 2004

Gothenberg November 6, 2004

ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network)-Nordic planning
sessions in Copenhagen (October 23, 2004) and London
(November 13,2004).

Join Tupilak and others discussing next year's solidarity events.

KRISTALL NACHT * November 9 -- Discussions, cultural happenings in
Stockholm at Herman's. Part of pan-European anti-discrimination events.

TUPILAK STOCKHOLM is still searching -- after the disappearance of
Salong Katakomb -- for an inexpensive theatre local for
monthly or occasional cabarets,
performances, get-togethers.

NEW IDEAS and projects*? Send us an e-mail!

Bill Schiller, chairman


REMINDER: Any Tupilak member who has forgotten to pay this year's
membership fee * or feels extra generous..? (post giro: 498 37 67-7)

This year's Moonbow Homo Culture & Human Rights festivals on both sides of the Baltic Sea have really wiped us out. Donations and
fund-raising ideas needed!!

Nordic voices in Swedish cities October 15-16, November 6:

Stockholm 20/9/2004

Stockholm Meetings to Focus on
"Honour Violence" against Lesbians & Gays

Stockholm - Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and immigrant
researchers, parliamentarians, journalists, human rights activists and
culture workers will gather in Stockholm October 15-16 to discuss
"honour" violence against lesbian and gay immigrants and refugees in the
Nordic nations.

"We chose the theme 'Honoured to Silence, Honoured to Death' after
seeing this spring's many demonstrations and appeals condemning the
honour killings of immigrant women here in Sweden - but the almost total
silence over the oppression of young lesbians and gays in the immigrant
communities," says Bill Schiller, of the Nordic Homo Council and
- the Nordic organization of lesbian and gay cultural workers.

"We are convinced that a Nordic interchange of experience,
research and ideas can be extremely beneficial," says Stefan
Vilbergsson, an Icelander working with the Nordic Council's information
office in Stockholm, Norden i Fokus -- co-organizer of the conference.
"And we hope that this can be the beginning of a series of Nordic
discussions in other Nordic cities as well."

"Verbal and physical violence against homosexuals occurs all
over the world - from neo Nazis, politicians, church leaders and even
family members in all cultures and religions," Schiller adds. "We want
to use this conference to focus special attention on those young
homosexuals living both in a new Nordic culture and in the traditions
of another culture. And we want to see how homo culture can help put a
spotlight on an often-hidden reality for many -- and help change minds
and attitudes in the Nordic region."

The Stockholm conference will take place at the downtown
Mediterranean Museum on October 15 and at Rinkeby Folkets Hus in the
immigrant-rich city suburb of Rinkeby on October 16. A follow-up
meeting will take place in the Swedish west coast city of Gothenburg on
November 6.

Information available at nordenifokus@norden.se


PRESS RELEASE July 12, 2004

Combining both a World Homo Culture Conference & Moonbow Festival

Minsk – On August 28-29, the capital of the East European dictatorship, Belarus, is to host both the first stage of this year’s 7th ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network) World Conference on Lesbian & Gay Culture and the final phase of the 4th Moonbow Human Rights & Homo Cultural Festival -2004 -- which has been taking place on both sides of the Baltic Sea.

“During Soviet times from 1933 till 1993, at least 60,000 homosexuals in the Soviet Union were sent to prisons and labor camps – and it is an interesting study to compare Soviet and Facist German policies towards homosexuals,” says Viachaslau Bortnik, chairman of Belarus-Amnesty International --co-organizing the ILGCN events.

“On August 29, we also plan to visit the biggest concentration camp on Soviet territory – Trostinets – not far from Minsk – where homosexuals were among the prisoners. Homosexuality was decriminalized in Belarus 10 years ago – but homophobia and violent discrimantory police policies still remain,” Bortnik adds.

Nordic Co-operation on the Eastern Barricades

“We Nordic homo activists are proud to return once again to join Belarus colleagues on the barricades, Says Bill Schiller, co-ordiantor of the ILGCN conferences and Moonbow festivals. “Last time, we were denied visas to Belarus and twice earlier our events in Minsk were attacked by police or closed down in the middle of performances – forcing us to hold seminars and press conferences in the streets and parks.”

“Few realize as clearly as Eastern Europeans do just how important homo culture is for survival – and to combat homophobia, invisibility and silence,” Schiller concludes.

“The Minsk event will take place in the Narcissus Club, and will be supported by all Belarusian LGBT groups: Lambda Belarus, “YANA” lesbian group, NGO “Vstrecha” (Meeting), Gomel local NGO “TEMA” (Theme),” Bortnik says.

Solidarity via ILGA, Jerusalem & Montreal

The Minsk event will also include art and photo exhibits, poetry readings and discussions on such subjects as global work with Amnesty International, the World Humanists and the ILGA, solidarity efforts though the Nordic Homo Council, contacts with the coming World Pride in Jerusalem in 2005 and the giant homo rights conference in Montreal as part of the Rendez-Vous games in 2006.

The other stages of the 7th ILGCN world homo cultural conference include San Juan (September 24-27) and Sarajevo in November, 2004. The earlier Moonbow hosts this year have been Warsaw and St. Petersburg – with Stockholm (July 25-August 1), Riga (August 6-7) and Tallinn (August 11-14) still to come. “Moonbow” is an alternative East-West festival emphasizing international solidarity and homo culture.

Information: amnesty_by@gmx.net http://www.tupilak.org/


PRESS RELEASE 4 oktober, 2004

Stockholm - Svenska, norska, danska, finska och invandrarforskare,
riksdagsledamöter, journalister, aktivister och kulturmedarbetare kommer
att mötas i Stockholm 15-16 oktober för att diskutera såkallat hedersvåld
mot homosexuella invandrare i Norden.

"Vi valde temat "Honored to Silence, Honored to Death" efter att i
våras ha sett många demonstrationer och protester mot hedersmord på
invandrarkvinnor i Sverige, men samtidigt har det nästan varit helt tyst om
våld mot unga homosexuella med invandrarbakgrund" säger Bill Schiller,
från Nordic Homo Council och Tupilak, en nordisk organisation för
homosexuella kulturmedarbetare.

"Vi är övertygade om att ett nordiskt utbyte av erfarenhet, forskning
och idéer kan bli mycket värdefullt," säger Stefán Vilbergsson, från
Norden i Fokus, Nordiska ministerrådets informationsverksamhet i
Stockholm. "Och vi hoppas att detta endast är den första av en serie av liknande
arrangemang i andra nordiska städer."

"Fysiskt och psykiskt våld mot homosexuella pågår i hela världen, från
neo-nazister, politiker, kyrkoledare och även familjmedlemmar i alla
kulturer och religioner," säger Schiller. "Vi vill med denna konferens
fokusera speciellt på de unga homosexuella människor som bor i en ny
nordisk kultur och i traditionen av en annan kultur. Vi vill granska hur
homokultur kan hjälpa till att lysa upp en verklighet som för många ofta
är dold och att hjälpa till att ändra attityder i de nordiska länderna.

Konferensen i Stockholm tar plats i Medelhavsmuseet fredag 15 den
oktober och i Rinkeby folkets hus lördag den 16 oktober. En konferens
planeras även i Göteborg den 6 november.

4TH Moonbow Festival begins in new Baltic territory: 2004 'Moonrise' Launches Festival in Warsaw

May 8, 2004

Warsaw-Stockholm -- This year's festival on both sides of the
Baltic Sea emphasing homo culture and international solidarity was launched in Warsaw May 1st - a quick replacement for the Warsaw Pride forced to postpone events because of the Polish capital's European Union membership celebrations.

"We're pleased we could so quickly gather together so much art,
song, music, photography, poetry and performances, " says Polish
co-ordinantor of the ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network). "We will also discuss with colleagues here how we can complement Sarajevo this fall in staging a phase of the ILGCN World Lesbian & Gay Cultural Conference."

Polish interest in Baltic Co-operation

"We support this idea of Baltic Moonbow co-operation very much and
hope to visit some of the events this year in our northern neighbors
in Estonia and Latvia," says Olga Chajdas, film-maker and new Polish
ILGCN cultural ambassador.

Part of the photo exhibit included work from HOSI-Linz and
Tupilak (Nordic Homo cultural workers) - as part of this year's ILGCN "Nazi & neo Nazi Persecution of lHomosexuals." The exhibit will travel to those Moonbow sites which have not really had it.

The 2004 Moonbow festival continues to Stockholm: May 16, St.
Petersburg: June 5-6, Stockholm: July 30-August 1, Riga: August: 6-7,
Tallinn: 7-8, Minsk: August 28-29, with a 'moonset' in Stockholm on
November 6.. Stockholm events are alternatives to the dog-tag, gay-ghetto
Pride events which shut out those who can not afford the prices.


For more information: Moonbow co-ordianator Bill Schiller at



June 10, 2004

Next stops -- Stockholm, Riga, Tallinn, Minsk:

St. Petersburg - This Russian cultural capital joined the 4th
Moonbow International Human Rights & Homo Culture Festival June 5-6 - the first time the city is sharing the "moonglow" of this annual
solidarity event on both sides of the Baltic Sea.

"This international get-together is important for us and we
sincerely hope this will be an annual event," says Alexander Kukharsky, of "Krilja" -- the oldest Russian gay rights organization and host of the event.

"We are pleased to get the chance to explain that the situation in
Belarus is worsening drastically for all non-government organizations in
this Eastern European dictatorship," adds visiting Slava Bortnik of the
Amnesty Belarus LGBT group. "We still feel sure we will be able to hold
the Moonbow in Minsk in August."

"Your meeting is very important. And we hope to co-operate in the
future," maintains Boris Souvorov, of Amnesty Moscow in a written
message to the gathering -- breaking the long silence of the Russian AI
groups on Nordic and other international efforts to discuss homo
questions on Russian territory.

"We in HAI (Homosexual cultural workers in Nordic sections of
Amnesty International hope that our Russian, Belarus and other
colleagues will join us in a sharp protest against Amnesty Europe's
chocking decision to drop homo questions from its priorty list - coming
at a time when neo Nazis and homophobic politicians and media are
attacking lesbians and gays all over Europe, " says Bill Schiller, also
chairman of Tupilak (organization of lesbian & gay cultural workers in
the Nordic area).

Carl-Johan Kelberg, former chairman of the Swedish Humanists,
told delegates about the decades-long and steady support of the the
world-wide humanist movement for lesbian and gay rights - a sharp
contrast to the sometimes eractic support of others.

"Spirit of Montreal" on Display in Eastern Europe

"This is the first opportunity in Eastern Europe where we have been
able to explain the aims of Montreal Rendez-Vous games, homo cultural activities and a giant human rights conference in 2006 - following the first meeting international committee of lawyers, judges,
parliamentarians, professors and human rights activists.

"We are convinced that the committee and the Rendez-Vous
organizers will give a special emphasis to Eastern Europe - knowing that so many are on the barricades risking their safety and even their
lives," says Bill Schiller, the global committee's Nordic representative.

"Unlike the Gay Games planned in Chicago in 2006 which excluded
human rights events, the "Spirit of Montreal" stresses that this is an
essential part of a global gathering - and fund-raising is underway to
make sure that Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe will be
well representated.," Schiller concludes.

The next Moonbow 2004 phases include Stockholm: July 25-August 1,
Riga August 6-7, Tallinn: August 13-15 and Minsk: August 28-29.

(Photos available)

Part of Krakow Days of Homo Cultre & Tolerance:

May 10, 2004

2nd Official Rainbow Visit to Nazi Concentration Camp Auschwitz

Auschwitz -- Following the Warsaw 'moonrise' and part of
Krakow's Days of Homo Culture and Tolerance", a Polish-Swedish led
international delegation visited the infamous Nazi death camp on May 7 -- making speeches honouring all victims of oppression - including the often forgotten lesbians and gays.

In sharp contrast to the denouncements of the Krakow event coming
even from the mayor's office itself, the large wreath of flowers
presented by the Krakow branch of the Polish Campaign Against Homophobia and ILGCN-Nordic were sponsored by the Polish prime minister himself.

The museum director also received a diploma with the words "Beaten
to Death, Silenced to Death," (from the pioneering monument set up by HOSI-Linz in the Mauthausen camp) -- including a photo by Sweden's Willi Reichhold.

'Orfeo Iris' Award Earlier Honored Auschwitz Information

The director had 4 years earlier welcomed the first international
homo delegation during the ILGCN world homo culture conference in
Warsaw, also then receiving Danish and Finnish homo art and the 'Orfeo Iris' award for focusing attention on homosexual prisoners - earning praise and denoucements from the press and right wing media and parliamentarians.

This year's Ofeo Iris award will be announced at the Stockhom
Moonbow festival July 30-August 1. The ceremony in Auschwitz took place only hours before the "Rainbow Battle of Krakow" broke out (see separate press release).

Next stop:

May 18, 2004

Russian Moonbow Aims at St. Petersburg

Stockholm - Latino dance, lesbian films, art and photography,
lesbian literary history and lively discussions featured in the May
16th Moonbow phase in Stockholm - part of the international human
rights and homo cultural festival encircling the Baltic Sea and taking place for the 4th year.

Presentations also covered the May 1st 'Moonrise' in Warsaw, the
Swedish-Polish led delegation to Auschwitz to honor homosexuals and all other victims of Nazi and neo Nazi persecution and the homophobic
violence of the 'Rainbow Battle of Krakow" during the pioneering "Days
of Homo Culture & Tolerance" taking place in that southern Polish city.

Emphasis on Human Rights in Russian Moonbow

Plans are in full swing for the next Moonbow phase: St. Petersburg
June 5-6 - with a special emphasis on homo culture and support from
such human rights organizations as the International Humanist and Ethical Union and Amnesty International as well as state-supported
organizations such as the Nordic Council.

Seminars there will cover rainbow Russian history, Baltic
rainbow co-operation, Nordic homo co-operation at home and with Eastern European colleagues and the use of films and art to combat homophobia and silence.

The Moonbow festival returns to Stockholm July 25 - August 1,
followed by Riga 6-7, Tallinn 13-15 with a 'moonset' in Minsk August
28-29. The 'moonbow' events in Stockholm are no-dag-tag, no 'gay
ghetto' events emphasizing international solidarity without shutting
out those who can not afford high entrance fees.


Krilja 'Wings" Alexander Kukharsky
Moonbow co-ordinator,
Bill Schiller bill@tupilak.se


Olga Chajdas, film maker from
Warsaw, has been appointed as the new
Polish ILGCN cultural ambassador.


Marcin Omietana of the Krakow branch
of the Campaign Against Homophobia,
has been appointed as the new ILGCN
co-ordiantor from Krakow.



an alternative, no dog-tag,solidarity event
on both sides of the Baltic Sea.

Warsaw-St. Petersburg-Stockholm-Riga-Tallinn- Minsk

STOCKHOLM (25 July - August 1, 2004)

Pre-Moonbow: NORDIC QUEER SHORT FILMS (with Kombat Film Festival)

ZITA Folkets Bio (Birger Jarlsgatan 37 - Tube: Östermalm)

Saturday, July 24 - PANEL DISCUSSION: Nordic Queer Film Festival
organizers from Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

Sunday, July 25 Reception: Film Festival Lovers & Organizers

(Organized by Norden I Fokus, Folkets Bio & Tupilak)


Galleri Aguéli (Blektornsgränd 9 - Tube: Mariatorget)
25 july - 1 august
open daily 12 noon - 6 pm

VERNISSAGE : Sunday, July 25 from 5 pm

Evolutionary Girls Club presented by Colleen Nelisz
and Santina Croniser dragking alias Clint Taurus - USA

Dmitrij Zinovjev - Latvia
Paul-Peter Hallberg - Finland/Sverige
Alexander Kukharsky - ("In Bed with the Russians") - St. Petesburg
Vanja Hamzic - Bosnia-Herzagovina
Alex of Oslo - Norway
Willi Reichhold - Sweden

Discussions: (Galleri Aguéli) 16.00

Monday, July 26

Reports from 2004 Moonbows: Warsaw, Stockholm, St. Petersburg
2004 Moonbows to come: Riga, Tallinn, Minsk
World Homo Cultural Conferences 2004: Minsk, San Juan,
Amnesty International - from Sarajevo to Bratislava
'Silenced to Death, Honored to Death' - Gothenberg-Stockholm October, 2004

Tuesday, July 27

Nordic Homo Council 4th cultural session -
Vaasa, Finland, August 21, 2004
2nd Battle of Krakow - May, 2005
World Pride - Jerusalem 2005
Montreal 2006 - Rendez-vous Games, Culture & Human Rights Conference
Nordic Rainbow Humanists


"Mr. GREEN" - gay theater in Swedish -- Vaasa, Finland
Friday, July 30 (Galleri Aguéli) (15.30 & 19.30)

Tupilak's Nordic CD & Art Slides: "Iceland to Estonia, Denmark to Latvia"

Photos: "The Body" - Fin Serck-Hanssen , Norway

TUPILAK Award Ceremonies


VIDEO ART: Evolutionary Girls Club's Tina & Colleen of New York
(Saturday, July 31 (from 16.00) & "The Mighty Whack -- the Swedish Ball Bearing Blues"

MOONBOW GARDEN PARTY Sunday, August 1 (from 16.00)

Herman's Garden Café (Fjällgatan 21 a Tube: Slussen)

Art, Photography, Music & Poetry.

Check for latest information:


Tupilak Lesbian and gay cultural workers in the nordic area

Box 23 15 S-103 17 Stockholm, Sweden
Postgiro: 498 37 67 - 7


Välkommen till Moonbow Konstutställning Vernissage

Söndag den 25 juli som börjar klockan 17 på Galleri Aguéli,
Blecktornsgrän 9, T-Mariatorget.
Utställningen är öppen 25 juli - 1 augusti dagligen 12-18.
Alla homo-bi-queer-transpersoner- och hetorosexuella är välkomna,
bara man är homovänliga. Där får ni också information om andra Tupilak händelser under Moonbow Festivalen .

at Gallery Agueli.

Artists from Nordic and Baltic countries had great success with very many visitors at Gallery Agueli, Stockholm

Här kommer vår information både på svenska och engelska.

Bästa hälsningar

Bill Schiller, Ordförande i Tupilak, bill@tupilak.org

Paul-Peter Hallberg, utställningsansvarig, paul-peter@hallberg.com


an alternative,
no dog-tag solidarity event on both sides of the Baltic Sea.

Warsaw-S:t Petersburg-Stockholm-Riga-Tallinn- Minsk

STOCKHOLM (25 juli - 1 augusti, 2004)

Pre-Moonbow: NORDISKA QUEER KORT FILM (med Kombat Film Festival)

ZITA Folkets Bio (Birger Jarlsgatan 37, T-Östermalm)

Lördag 24 juli - DISKUSSION:
Nordiska Queer Film Festivaler Island, Danmark, Finland, Norge, Sverige

Söndag 25 juli Mottagning:
Film festival älskare & organisatörer (Norden I Fokus, Folkets Bio & Tupilak)


Galleri Aguéli (Blektornsgränd 9, T-Mariatorget)
25 juli - 1 augusti öppet dagligen 12.00-18.00

Söndag 25 juli VERNISSAGE från 17.00

Evolutionary Girls Club presenteras av Colleen Nelisz
och Santina Croniser dragking alias Clint Taurus - USA

Dmitrij Zinovjev - Lettland
Paul-Peter Hallberg - Finland/Sverige
Alexander Kukharsky - ("In Bed with the Russians") - St. Petersburg
Vanja Hamzic - Bosnia-Herzagovina
Alex of Oslo - Norway
Willi Reichhold - Sweden


Diskussion: (Galleri Aguéli)

Mondag 26 juli 16.00

Rapport från Moonbow 2004: Warszawa, Stockholm, St. Petersburg
Inför Moonbow 2004: Riga, Tallinn, Minsk 2004 World Homo Cultural Conferences: Minsk, San Juan, Warsaw-Sarajevo
Amnesty International -- from Sarajevo to Bratislava
'Silenced to Death, Honored to Death' - Göteborg-Stockholm: Oktober, 2004

Tisdag 27 juli 16.00

Nordic Homo Council 4th cultural session - Vaasa, Finland: 21 augusti, 2004
"2nd Rainbow Battle of Krakow" - May, 2005
World Pride - Jerusalem 2005 Montreal 2006 - Rendez-vous Games, Culture & Human Rights Conference Nordic Rainbow Humanists

"Mr. GREEN" - homo teater på svenska -- Vaasa, Finland
Fredag 30 juli (Galleri Aguéli) (15.30 & 19.30)

Tupilak nordisk CD & Konst diabilder: "Island till Estland, Danmark till Lettland"

Diabilder: "Kroppen"- Fin Serck-Hanssen , Norge

TUPILAK Award Ceremonies


VIDEO ART: Evolutionary Girls Club's Tina & Colleen of New York

Saturday, July 31 (from 16.00)

& "The Mighty Whack -- the Swedish Ball-Bearing Blues"

MOONBOW GARDEN PARTY Sondag, 1 augusti (från 16.00)

Herman's Trädgårdscafé (Fjällgatan 21 a T-Slussen)

Konst, Fotos, Musik, Poesi

Kolla för senaste information:


Tupilak Lesbian and gay cultural workers in the nordic area

Box 23 15 S-103 17 Stockholm, Sweden
Postgiro: 498 37 67 - 7