torsdag 1 november 2007

Rainbow Cultural Evening

Tupilak, Nordic Rainbow Council, Hallongrottan invite you to a:

Rainbow Cultural Evening

Friday, November 30, 2007 Hallongrottan
Bergsundsgatan 25 Hornstull, Stockholm (tel 46 8 658 13 20)
Intermediary meeting of the NORDIC BALTIC RAINBOW NETWORK
…… between Gothenberg , September 2007 and Warsaw, spring 2008:

Report on Poznan Pride, November 17, 2007

Looking Ahead at Tallinn Pride, August 2008 (Krissu from Estonia)

Update on “Rainbows in Chains” in Minsk, Belarus

Uppträdande..... bl.a.
Anna Holm -- sång och musik
Linus Raudsepp --   poesi och performance  (20.00)
Jan Hammarlund --  sång och musik   (omkring 21.00)
"Le Poet"  * poesi: "Hyllning till John Lennon"  (omkring 21.30)

Under kvällen
      Bifrost (Hetero-Homo bridge-building) 
      Rainbow Iceberg (international awareness and solidarity)      
Arco Nordica (Nordic co-operation) 
Polar Bear (film)      
Thor´s Hammer  (Male Nordic cultural worker),      
Rainbow Humanist (contribution for humanism, against intolerance)
Tupilak & ILGCN
(International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network)
Award ceremonies

Samples from the Tupilak & ILGCN Travelling Art Exhibit

måndag 22 oktober 2007


PRESS RELEASE October 10, 2007

Tupilak/Hallongrottan Arranging Follow-up Session in Stockholm, Blogg in Action:


Gothenburg -- The 4-day discussions of the Nordic Baltic Rainbow Network at the giant Gothenburg Book Fair and the nearby Museum of World Culture between September 27-30, 2007 in this west coast Swedish city launched enthusiastic plans to increase rainbow co-operation across the Baltic Sea.

*This was a real boost to the work both of the Nordic Rainbow Council and the Swedish Pol-Baltic Network,* says Bill Schiller of the council and of the conference*s co-organizer, Tupilak (Nordic rainbow cultural workers). *Thanks to financial support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Baltic Unit in Visby on Gotland, we were able to bring colleagues from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland for concrete, face-to face discussions on how we can build permanent rainbow bridges in the future,* Schiller adds.

Expanding Rainbow Co-operation to Others

Discussions covered increasing information exchange between Network members, developments in arranging Prides (still banned in Lithuania) and other rainbow activities in each country involved, increasing efforts to encourage all Prides to include a Nordic Baltic rainbow seminar or other events as well as using rainbow culture as a powerful complement to the political struggle.

The network will also be open to continuing support from the humanist movement to help combat religious intolerance and take active steps to increase co-operation with other colleagues living in such countries as Russia and the Eastern European dictatorship of Belarus as well as the Russian Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad.

The attendance at some of the discussions of two gay activists from Singapore - where printed magazines and cultural exhibits on homosexuality are banned - indicated the enormous value of keeping such discussions open even to enthusiastic *outsiders.* The Singapore gays have joined the ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network) and are eager for co-operation with the Nordic Baltic Rainbow Network.

Double Program at Book Fair, Museum

Through strong co-operation with the book fair*s *International Square.* * joining 65 Swedish solidarity groups together,* Network colleagues were given several chances to reach the public through speeches and panel presentations at the main and smaller stages about the rainbow struggle in the region as well as from their information stand.

Blogg in Action, Next Meeting & Cultural Evening Set for Stockholm

Delegates in Gothenburg agreed to share the work load with the following:

1. Estonia Pride (Krissu): creating a Nordic Baltic Rainbow Network blog. (Already in action).

2. Tupilak/Hallongrottan (rainbow culture center): offering to host an *intermediate* meeting and rainbow cultural evening in Stockholm on November 30.
(no travel grants as yet but free private accommodation!)

3. RFSL: seeking funding for a large Network meeting in Warsaw next spring.

4. Mozaika-Lativa/ Tupilak checking out funding for a Baltic Rainbow Boat Cruise around Baltic ports, as well as rainbow ship journeys between Sweden/Finland/Estonia/ Latvia
(on Silja Lines).

5. Tupilak: checking out the possibility of arranging a Network conference or cultural event in Visby (half-way point in the Baltic. Boat lines from Riga, Nynäshamn).

6. Tribades Festival (Helsinki)/ ILGCN Information Secretariat - Stockholm: organizing Nordic Baltic Network conference/cultural event during ILGCN world conference stage in Helsinki in September, 2008 as part of the Tribade Festival 2008.

7. Lithuania LGL: searching for colleagues in Kaliningrad wanting to join the Network.

8. Tupilak/Nordic Rainbow Council: working on Network web site page, links.

9. ILGCN East European Secretariat - Warsaw: increasing contacts with Russia, Belarus, other East European countries.

10. Tupilak: contacting all Nordic Baltic Prides to encourage the inclusion of a Network seminar/event (giving latest info of new developments to Tallinn.)

11. ILGCN Film Secretariat - Riga: continuing to help Baltic organizers with film festivals.

12. Tupilak/ILGCN - Stockholm: continue to expand the Tupilak/ILGCN Travelling Art & Photo Exhibit to include more artists from the region, and make the exhibit available to more Nordic Baltic events.

-- from the Nordic Rainbow Council & Tupilak

tisdag 28 augusti 2007

Rainbow presentations at the Gothenburg Book Fair

Supported by Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency‘s Baltic Sea Unit – Visby

Nordic rainbow cultural workers ………………………….….

Rainbow presentations
at the Gothenburg Book Fair

Thursday, September 27
17.40-18.00 Erkki Otsman, Estonian cabaret artist (large stage)

Rainbow Mingle at Nordic Rainbow Council/Tupilak Stand 18.00- 19.30

Music and poetry: Oyvind Rauset + 1 (Norway),

dekon/rekon - book-burning group (bokbrännargrupp) (Sweden).

Friday , September 28
15.00- 15.20 Rainbows banned in School Rooms (large stage)

17. 20-17.40 Rainbow Battles in the Baltic (large stage)

Saturday, September 29
14.40–15.00 Rainbows knocking at UN Doors (large stage)

17.00-17.30 Rainbows in Muzzles (little stage)

7th Nordic Rainbow Council Workshops at the:

Museum of World Culture (10.00-12.00)

Thursday, September 27:
“Spotlights on Lithuania and Poland”

Friday, September 28:
“Spotlights on Estonia and Latvia”

Saturday, Sept. 29:
“Over the Baltic Rainbow – the yellow, brick road to solidarity”

“Swedish Pol-Balt Network – the path so far, future plans”

Sunday, September 30:
“Rainbow Humanism – challenging religious dragons”

”Culture vs. Rainbow Politics – allies or adversaries?”

“Nordic/Baltic Co-operation with Belarus, Russia”

ILGCN/Tupilak Travelling Art & Photo Exhibition


ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network)

Information Secretariat - Stockholm

tisdag 31 juli 2007

Tupilak Tribute to Rita Creighton Chan

Our steering committee member has died in a tragic highway accident on her way to an international feminist motorcycle rally in Germany.

Rita was a dynamic and enthusiastic member of a number of LGBT organizations in Sweden and was a pioneer of rainbow culture and international LGBT solidarity * especially promoting the rights and dignity of immigrant women in Sweden.

The American-born Rita was perhaps most widely known for her years-long English*language program on Stockholm Gay Radio * “Leaping Lesbians” * where she combined the serious and the humorous, the cultural and the political, the Swedish and the global, the private and the universal.

In mourning on behalf of the Tupilak steering committee,

Bill Schiller, chairman

onsdag 18 juli 2007

International Cultural Festival -- Stockholm July 29-August 5, 2007

Press Release July 18, 2007

Rainbow Culture vs. Homophobia & Silence at Stockholm gathering

10th Moonbow International Culture & Human Rights Festival

StockholmInternational rainbow solidarity across Nordic borders and beyond -- and the use of rainbow culture as a powerful weapon against intolerance, homophobia and invisibility –are the themes of this the 10th Moonbow international culture & human rights festival in Stockholm July 29-August 5 during Pride week.

“We are very pleased to have the co-operation of the Romanian Culture Institute to enable two activists from Bucharest to attend our festival …and to have the support of Canadian labor union CUPE to bring a composer/ musician from Toronto to this 10th anniversary festival,” says Bill Schiller of Tupilak (Nordic rainbow cultural workers) and the ILGCN (International Lesbian and Gay Cultural Network) Information Secretariat in Stockholm.

“We’re also very glad to have Iranians in exile hosting a seminar on the worsening situation for homosexuals in Iran, and to have private support to bring an Italian performer, Italian graphic art and Italian video art to this year’s Moonbow,” he adds. “Our low-budget Moonbow festivals were launched to boost international awareness and rainbow culture -- without high price tags and open to everyone.”

Art, Music, Performances, Drama, Literature, Discussions

Other artists, photographers and art work, musicians, singers, performers and seminar hosts are from Austria, Finland, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the USA.

Swedish singer Elise Ria Borderline

A traditional Moonbow supporter, the Nordic Rainbow Council will host a festival seminar on the coming conference on Baltic rainbow co-operation at the giant Gothenberg Book Fair and at the Museum of World Culture this September in that west coast Swedish city (including delegates from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland). ‘Another supporter, Nordic Rainbow Humanists, will participate in a seminar on boosting Nordic co-operation and confronting the fierce homophobic attitudes of religious institutions – especially in our eastern Baltic neighbors and in Russia and Belarus.

Starting with the Tupilak/ILGCN art exhibition vernissage on Sunday afternoon July 29, the week-long festival will take place at Galleri Café Aguéli (Blecktornsgränd 9, Mariatorget). On Saturday, August 4 a festival cultural evening and award ceremony will take place at Musik Valvet (Gamla Stan, Kåkbrinken 5 Entré!).

More Information:

tisdag 26 juni 2007

Tupilak/ILGCN Award Ceremony

Music, Song, Art and Tupilak/ILGCN Award Ceremony

Saturday,August 4 19.00 – 21.00

Musikvalvet (Kåkbrinken 5 T-Gamla Stan)

120 kronor entré (100 kronor members of Tupilak, ILGCN)

Gudrun Engberg (Sweden)

Michael Gfroerer
(Canada) & Douglas Rice (USA/Germany)

Carlo Beltrami

Elise Ria Borderline (Sweden)

Arhild Jonston

Jan Hammarlund (Sweden)

Peter (Sexodus) Fröberg (Sweden)

Rainbow Cultural Evening

Galleri Café Aguéli (Blecktornsgränd 9 T-Mariatorget)

Friday August 3 from 18.00…. (no entrance fee)

Linus Raudsepp
– happening (Sweden)

"Zafire" Vrba “Dekon/Rekon” Mats Råsmark, (Gothenberg, Sweden)

Nicolai Ivanov, (Russian drama text)

Bill Schiller – from ”Leaves of Grass” (USA) &
Australia’s Patrick White.

MOONBOW FESTIVAL -- Stockholm July 30-August 5, 2007

promoting international rainbow solidarity

Galleri Café Aguéli (Blecktornsgränd 9 Mariatorget


Seminars (no entrance fee)

Tuesday. July 31:

16.00-17.00 ”Romanian Rainbows – challenges, violence and successes” Octav Popescu (Bucharest LGBT film Festival)

17.00 – 18.00 ““Travellers” – a photo journey with Mexican transvestites, Egyptian street hawkers, Dubliners and Guatemalans – Will Reichhold (Austria/Sweden)

Wednesday. August 1:

16.00-17.00 “Rainbows on the Gallows” – Iranians in Exile

17.00-18.00 Bill Schiller ILGCN Information Secretariat

After 18.00 Nicolai Ivanov – drama text (Swedish/Russian)

“Lights Out” -- a monologue in a Russian military baracks

Thursday. August 2:

14.00 – 15.00 ”Rainbow Culture on the Barricades” – Michael Greoferer - Canadian musician, Carlo Beltrami – Italian performer, Arhild Johnston - Norwegian singer, etc.

(Note: 16.00-17.30 panel discussion on Swedish, Polish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian rainbow co-operation. Pol-Balt Network Pride House)

Friday August 3

16.00–17.00 ”Nordic Rainbow Solidarity on Romanian Barricades”-- Octav Popescu - Bucharest, Bill Schiller - Nordic Rainbow Council

17.00 - 18.00 – Nordic Rainbow Cultural Co-operation -- over Nordic Borders and beyond – from the Faroe Islands to Eastern Baltic shores. Baltic Rainbow Solidarity Conference, 2nd sessions of Nordic Rainbow Council & Nordic Rainbow Humanists -- Gothenberg, September 20-23, 2007.


onsdag 20 juni 2007

Moonbow Festival 2007 - Stockholm

Art & Photo Exhibition

Sunday July 29
(Vernisssage 14.00-18.00)
Sunday, August 5
(daily 12.00 – 18.00)

Galleri Aguéli (Blecktornsgränd 9 Mariatorget)

George Rostiashvili (paintings) Georgia/Sweden

Angelo Viscardi (video art) Italy

Oyvind Rauset sketches, (photos) Norway

Niklas Montnikolai (photos) Sweden

Special guest artist 2007:
Michele Tancredi, Italy


Tupilak/ILGCN Travelling Rainbow Art & Photo Exhibit

Oyvind Rauset,

Willi Reichhold,

Timo Saarelma,

George Rostiashvili,

Andrius Privetas,

Eka Papinsashvili

Sales in support of work on

Eastern European rainbow barricades.

fredag 15 juni 2007

ILGCN Information Secretariat - Stockholm

PRESS RELEASE May 30, 2007

2007 International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network Meeting in Lithuania:

ILGCN World Rainbow Cultural Conference in Vilnius May 24-25

Vilnius -- Art, photography, music, song, films and discussions were part of the successful 1st stage of this year's ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network) world rainbow cultural conference May 24-25 in the Lithuanian capital – part of the week-long pioneering Rainbow Days event.

The international gathering sharply protested the decisions of the Vilnius authorities to ban the planned display of a rainbow flag in the heart of the city, the unprecedented refusal to allow a travelling, European Union-supported anti-discrimination information bus to visit the city, and the banning of EU-supported rainbow campaign posters on the city's trolley buses – containing the words that "a gay can be a policeman" and "a lesbian can be a teacher."

Anna Gavriolova, Elena Mosalova (Belarus LGBT Amnesty)

"This puts Vilnius in the same homo-phobic pot as Moscow, Minsk, Chisenau and

Teheran when it comes to rainbow rights and cultural diversity – instead of with other European Union members," says Bill Schiller, secretary general of the ILGCN Information Secretar-iat in Stockholm. "When political and religious authorities outlaw rainbows and love, they forfeit their right to talk future to generations … they turn their back on democracy and human rights, and strangle a rich cultural heritage now blooming in so many other cities around the world."

Lithuanians, ILGCN co-ordinator Arvydas Vogilis

Special guests at the conference from Minsk described the continuing difficulties of arranging rainbow events in Belarus -- the last dictatorship of Eastern Europe -- and the crucial importance of maintaining international contact with other colleagues.

Anne Jaaskelainen (Tribade Festival Helsinki), singing her own songs in Vilnius

Emphasizing the enormous importance of films for the visibility of rainbow communities and the ability to reach beyond national borders, the conference approved the creation of a new ILGCN Rainbow Film Secretariat for films and film festivals, based in Riga.

The conference also discussed plans to increase Baltic rainbow collaboration with the 2nd session of the Nordic Rainbow Council in September 27-30 in the Swedish west coast city of Gothenberg, and the 2nd stage of the Nordic Rainbow Humanist session in the same city.

Specially invited guests will come from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

Baltic & Belarus Awards from ILGCN

2007 ILGCN Grizzly Bear awards – honoring those fighting especially ferocious homophobia -- were approved for the organizers of Pride and rainbow events in Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn. This year's Clio's Silver Cup award for outstanding LGBT history and documentation went to the "Volunteers Over Borders" in the Belarus city of Gomel

ILGCN Rainbow Film Secretariat

Special greetings were received by the Vilnius conference from the organizers of the 2nd stage of the 2007 ILGCN world rainbow cultural conference in Toronto (scheduled for June 20 and part of Pride Toronto) – with special focus on Iranians in exile and the increasingly dangerous homophobia in Iran with whippings, arrests and executions.

LGCN/Tupilak Travelling Exhibit photo by Andrius Privetas, Lithuania on display in Vilnius

Also displayed at the Vilnius gathering: historical panels from the History Secretriat and art work from the travelling Tupilak (Nordic rainbow cultural workers) and ILGCN art and photo exhibition.

The Vilnius conference also approved next year's world conference sites: Helsinki (in collaboration with the annual Tribade Days & Nights Festival) and Minneapolis/St. Paul

(in co-operation with the ILGCN History Secretariat at the University of Minnesota) -- both in September, 2008.


Supporting the ILGCN Information Secretariat:

fredag 18 maj 2007


Press Release Stockholm, May 18, 2007

Rainbow Salute to International Day Against Homophobia:


Stockholm * Discussions on "rainbow culture on the barricades, music and song, art and films were the focus of a gathering in the Swedish capital on May 16 * the eve of the International Day Against Homophobia marking the May 17th anniversary of the WHO's abolishment of the "sickness" lable for homosexuality.

The Stockholm event included song and musicians from such performing artists as Jenny Gabrielsson and Peter Fröberg, documentary films from Belarus, international same-sex dance competitions and Stockholm Gay Choir's 25-year history, gay CD music from Estonia and elsewhere, as well as discussions of "rainbows in chains and under siege" in Eastern Europe * and the coming ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network) culture conference in Vilnius May 24-25.

ILGCN/Tupilak Travelling Art Exhibit

"We were proud to launch our travelling art exhibit starting off with works from Sweden, Lithuania, Finland and Norway for fund-raising for colleagues on the Eastern European barricades, says Bill Schiller of the ILGCN and Tupilak (Nordic rainbow cultural workers).

The cultural gathering took place at the downtown offices of the NBV educational organization and was organized by ILGCN, Tupilak, Nordic Rainbow Council and the Nordic Rainbow Humanists .


torsdag 12 april 2007

On the eve of ...May 17

"Sexodus" Fröberg, Stockolm

Jenny Gabrielsson,
Umeå, ILGCN Cultural Ambassador

Rainbow Culture on the Barricades
-- in the Nordic region and beyond.

Regnbågskultur på Barrikaderna
-- i Norden & Öst Europa. Diskussion, musik, sång, konst, filmer.

Discussion, Music, Song, Art, Films. May 16, 2007 18.00-20.00

at the NBV office in Stockholm (Jungfrugatan 5, Östermalm)


& ILGCN (International lesbian & Gay Cultural Network)

Travelling Rainbow Art & Photo Exhibition

Oyvind Rauset, Norway

Willi Reichhold, Sweden


Nordic, Polish, Belarus short films

tisdag 10 april 2007

Lokes Systar

Nordic rainbow cultural workers

Hej! Har ni ett
regnbågskulturprojekt i tankarna…?

2007 Lokes Systrars fond…

…..är en Tupilak fond för regnbågskulturprojekt UTANFÖR Stockholm som kämpar mot homofobi och tystnad.

Prioritet till projekter som:

a. .…har originell konst, musik, teater inslag (inte bara playback kultur).

b.….också speglar lokal regnbågskultur.

c.….inkluderar något internationell inslag (information, inspiration eller inslag från andra länder, kanske med invandrare, flyktingar, etc.)

d..…involverar lokala Tupilak, (eller Nordic Rainbow Council, ILGCN, Nordic Rainbow Humanist) medarbetare.

( 2006 fond stipendiat: Nordisk regnbågs mönter och kultur program på Göteborg Bokmässan's Internationella Torg. 2005: RFSL-Sundsvall för "Norrlands Kulturceremoni" vid RFSL årskonferens. )

-- är en komplement till Tupilaks årliga Loke Fond – som bidrag till att skicka en svensk kulturarbetare till någon av Tupilak / ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network)

-stödda projekt i Östeuropa.

(2006 stipendiat deltåg i Bucharest Pride.
Tidigare i Tallinn, Riga, Krakow.)


Loke var den listige, bråkmakarguden i den gamla asa mytologin, som kunde ändra form och kön, som skulle ligga med själve Tor …. . Vår Lokefond och Lokes Systrars fond ska utmana homofobi och tystnad.

torsdag 15 mars 2007


Our travelling Tupilak/Nordic Rainbow Council Art & Photo Exhibition -- "Freedom Images" is under preparation for display both in Stockholm and other Nordic cities at rainbow, moonbow and other events.

YOU are cordially invited to join in with your work! (No limits on subject material!)

The aim is to illustrate our wide cultural diversity across international borders AND to collect funds for our rainbow cultural solidarity co-operation within the Nordic region and beyond.

The work is to be offered for sale (at prices stipulated by the artist) with 50% of the profits going to the artist and 50% to our solidarity fund.

Preliminary "Freedom Images" schedule:

Stockholm Moonbow Fund-Raising Festival -- spring

Vilnius May 24-25 (at the first ILGCN world cultural conference stage in 2007)

Moonbow Art & Photography Exhibition (Galleri Aguéli -- during Stockholm Pride Week)

Paris/Marseille (at the ILGCN world cultural conference stage "Algeria in Exile" in October, 2007)

(other bookings under discussion).

Contact us for more information:
Bill Schilller, Tupilak chairman and
Nordic Rainbow Council international secretary

tisdag 27 februari 2007


Nordic Rainbow Cultural Workers
Box 2315
S-103 17 Stockholm, Sweden
post giro: 498 37 67 - 7

Member of the Nordic Rainbow Council & ILGCN
(International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network)

PRESS RELEASE February 27, 2007

2007 Cabarets, Art Exhibits, Film Screenings, Seminars:


Stockholm – The newly-elected Tupilak steering committee and Nordic contact network (see website) plans a series of rainbow and moonbow cultural events in Sweden, in the Nordic region and beyond during the coming year – especially with colleagues on the barricades under attack in the Eastern Baltic and elsewhere in Eastern Europe.

”Our Nordic priorities this year will be in solidarity with a Riga still fighting to lift the ban on its Pride, Vilnius facing intensifying hostility from the church and parliament, pioneering Nordic events in the Faeroe Islands with its brand-new anti-discrimination legislation and the Åland Islands, and a return of Nordic rainbow flags to the giant Gothenburg Book Fair – the biggest cultural event in the Nordic area,” says the new chairman, Bill Schiller.

”Our efforts in Eastern Europe this year will be to strengthen our rainbow bridges to Warsaw, St. Petersburg and Bucharest, hopefully initiate projects in Istanbul and support ”events in exile” with our badly-harassed colleagues in Eastern Europe’s last dictatorship – Belarus,” Schiller adds. ”We hope new members in Sweden and throughout the Nordic region will want to join us in these new efforts to work together

to use rainbow culture at a weapon against homophobia and silence both at home and abroad.”

More Moonbows over Stockholm in 2007

Stockholm events are to include the annual Moonbow cultural festival with cabaret performances, music and dance, art and photo exhibits, a series of seminars about Nordic rainbows cultural co-operation spanning the Baltic Sea and beyond, the Nordic short film festival, and a series of informal, cultural get-together with Swedish and visiting cultural personalities.

Tupilak also pledges to send representatives to the annual sessions of the Nordic Rainbow Council and the Nordic Rainbow Humanists – this year both taking place on May 18 as part of the first stage of the ILGCN’s (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network) world cultural conference in the Lithuanian capital.

New Tupilak chairman (center) with
Belarus and Latvian colleagues.

måndag 12 februari 2007



Sunday, February 25, 2007 16.00 Café Aguéli
(Blecktornsgränd 9) T-ban Mariatorget, Stockholm

Electing new steering committee (new blood wanted!)
financial report, 2006 activities*

How to reach new members from the Faroes to Latvia*..
What rainbow cultural dream projects are on the horizon*

Visions, proposals welcome! If you can't make it in person,
send us an e-mail!



söndagen, 25 februari, 2007 16.00 Café Aguéli
(Blecktornsgränd T-ban Mariatorget Stockholm)

Val av new styrelsen, financiell läget, 2006 verksamhet.

Hur når vi nya medlemmar -- från Faroe Öarna till Lettland..

Vem har nya regnbågskultur dröm projekt på gang*

Visioner, förslag välkomna!
(Om du inte kan komma, skicka gärna ett e-mail!)

Peter Fröberg, avgående ordförande