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Tupilak events May 2012


Tupilak's co-operation partner, UN Women, invites Tupilak members to an exciting meeting with veteran Egyptian writer Nawal El Saadawi -- winner of this year's Stig Dagerman award and participant in the Cairo street battles for a new Egypt.

Monday, May 14 19:00-21:00 Södra Teatern (Stora Scenen T-bana Slussen) Stockholm


ILGCN Information Secretariat - Stockholm
and Danish partner Q-Factor

invite Tupilak members and friends to a
Thursday, May 17 18.00-19.00 salute to:

IDAHO (international day against homophobia) Day
at Stockholm bar, Side Track Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 7 t-bana Mariatorget. Info: www.ilgcn.tupilak.org.

onsdag 9 maj 2012

TUPILAK CALLING:      webmaster@tupilak.org       May, 2012 

‘The Best Anti-Discrimination Journalist in Belarus’

TUPILAK (Queer Cultural Workers in the Nordic Region),  in cooperation with Belarusian LGBT
journalists announces a professional contest for the Belarusian journalists on the best anti-
discrimination reporting.

The best authors of articles and/or photo-audio-video reports, fostering equality of different social
groups in the Belarusian society will be announced by TUPILAK during a round table discussion
on ‘The Social Consequences of Irrelevant LGBT Coverage’ in Vilnius on June 16, 2012. The
winners will receive special award diplomas from TUPILAK and a possibility to visit TUPILAK activists in
Stockholm in the coming year.

It is suggested that the contest materials have to be appear in the media within the period since June
5, 2011 till June 4, 2012.

The contest materials have to be submitted to the TUPILAK e-mail address (bill@tupilak.org) for
consideration no later than on June 12, 2012.

Прафесійны конкурс для журналістаў – “Найлепшы журналіст-барацьбіт з дыскрымінацыяй
у Беларусі – 2012”

Культурніцкая ЛГБТ арганізацыя паўночных краінаў ТУПІЛАК у супрацоўніцтве з беларускімі
журналістамі з ЛГБТ супольнасці абвяшчае прафесійны конкурс на найлепшы журналісцкі
матэрыял на антыдыскрымінацыйную праблематыку.

Аўтары найлепшых друкаваных і Інтэрнэт-артыкулаў і/ці фота-аўдыё-відэа рэпартажаў, якія
прасоўваюць ідэю роўнасці розных сацыяльных групаў у беларускім грамадстве, будуць
абвешчаныя падчас круглага стала на тэму “Сацыяльныя наступствы некарэктнага асвятлення
ЛГБТ-праблематыкі ў СМІ”, які адбудзецца ў Вільні 16 чэрвеня 2012 года. Пераможцы
конкурсу атрымаюць адмысловыя ўзнагароды ад ТУПІЛАКУ, а таксама магчымасць наведаць
актывістаў ТУПІЛАКУ ў Стакгольме на працягу наступнага года.

Чакаецца, што конкурсныя матэрыялы павінны з’явіцца ў прэсе ў перыяд з 5 чэрвеня 2011
года па 4 чэрвеня 2012 года.

Матэрыялы конкурсу маюць быць скіраваныя на разгляд журы на электронны адрас
ТУПІЛАКУ (bill@tupilak.org)) не пазней за12 чэрвеня 2012 года.


Anne Colt - FPES; Becky Steckhahn-Strohmer - Q-Factor, Denmark; Mark Iverstam -
 - Business; Bill Schiller -ILGCN at Side Track (Photo by Jane Jansson) 

    May 17 IDAHO Day Honored in Stockholm

    Stockholm -- Joining colleagues all over the world honoring May 17 as IDAHO  Day - the International Day against Homophobia,  the  ILGCN Information Secretariat - Stockholm and Q-Factor of  Denmark gathered a number of LGBT activists together at the Side Track bar in the Swedish capital for a "skål" to international LGBT solidarity and co-operation in the fight against intolerance and discrimination.  

   Commenting on this year's IDAHO them "sexual diversity at the work place" were Becky Steckhahn-Strohmer of  Q-Factor, Denmark,  Anne Colt of FPES, Mark Iverstam - Independent and Bill Schiller of the  ILGCN. 

   At the ceremony, the  ILGCN secretariat also presented this year's award diplomas for outstanding contributions to history to Swedish teacher and guide Kjell Rindar and for Nordic and international LGBT co-operation to Sweden's PositHIVagruppen and the staff of Side Track. 

TUPILAK & ILGCN Information Secretariat -Stockholm are preparing to send a delegation to join colleagues from the Ukraine and Belarus to Swedish-Ukrainian-Belarus rainbow solidarity conference and festival in Simeiz, Crimea between June 8-10 in 2012.

    The event is taking place thanks to continued  support from the Swedish Institute. and is a continuation of the 3-nation solidarity events in Kiev and Minsk last year.

   This event is also to be part of the 1st stage of the
annual ILGCN World Rainbow Culture Conference 2012 (postponed from 2011).                                   
                                                   (Second stage: Belgrade - September, 2012.) 

 More information:  www.ilgcn.tupilak.org    bill@tupilak.org  

Swedish-Belarus Nordic Fire meeting (Photo Oleg) 

Focus on Nordic rainbow co-operation & cultural exchange with Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Belarus:
2nd Nordic Fire Solidarity Festival Ends in Stockholm 

   Stockholm —The second Nordic Fire on the Rainbow Barricades in Eastern Europe  -- a mini-festival between Prides -- has ended in the Swedish capital after five days of seminars, discussions, art exhibits, music, song, stage performances, film screenings and study visits May2-6, 2012.

    “This was a great opportunity for us to tell an international gathering about our newly-formed Belarus LGBT Journalists Union, “ says Andrus Klikunou -- one of the three-man delegation brought to the festival by Sweden’s Civil Rights Defenders and speaking  at the festival seminar at the Old Town offices of the CRD.  "It was also immensely important for us to see with our own eyes the activities carried out by Swedish organizations in the field of LGBT community support and defense. The meetings in Noah’s Ark and in the PostiHIVa Gruppen showed us that the Swedish experience of HIV prevention and HIV positive MSM people support has some significant differences with the Belarusian realities. It is arranged at a much higher quality level, similar groups in Belarus should aim for."

      At the seminar at the Civil Rights Defenders, the CRD's Erik Esbjörnson“We are proud to be working with LGBT organizations in St. Petersburg,  the Balkans, Belarus and elsewhere -- and to bring more human rights activists to Stockholm to meet representatives of other Swedish organizations."  The Swedish CRD is this country's former Helsinki Human Rights Committee – one of the few national Helsinki committees daring to deal with LGBT rights and supporting LGBT groups in their struggles.

         “The RFSL continues with its international work in Uganda, Indonesia, Moldavia and elsewhere – and we are working very much with the coming ILGA (International Lesbian & Gay AssociationWorld Conference taking place this December in Stockholm, “ said President  Ulrika Westerholm of RFSL (Sweden’s national LGBT rights organization).

    “This is my first LGBT event in Sweden and I’m very thankful for the support from the Tallink Silja ferry line making my trip possible,” says Alice Tsymbarevich. who presented her art work at the RFSL House festival event and also described the work of the Estonian Gay Youth and the LGBT community at home in Estonia.

                      Missing Latvians under Stress, Arrested Russians

   “We are sorry that our delegation from Latvia was hindered from joining in us in person because of their intensive, last-minute work on the rotating Baltic Pride – this year scheduled for Riga May 30-June 2, 2012, “ says Bill Schiller of the festival organizers Tupilak (Nordic rainbow cultural workers) and the ILGCN (international rainbow cultural network) Information Secretariat – Stockholm“And we’re sorry that our missing colleagues in St. Petersburg face not only a new wave of homophobia --with 17 activists arrested for carrying rainbow flags in the May Day demonstrations -- and new legislation banning all positive information about homosexuality.”

                    Swedish Parliamentarian Underlines International Solidarity

    “We parliamentarians in Sweden and elsewhere should also be joining LGBT and other human rights activists on the rainbow barrieers in an Eastern Europe facing enormous homophobia from hostile politicians, religious leaders and a homophobic mass media,” said Hans Linde openly gay parliamentarian of the Swedish Left Party said at the festival event at the Swedish Film Insitute.

     “I was pleased to screen my  film about a strong and controversial lesbian pioneer, “ Polish film maker Malga Kubiak told festival audiences.  Polish singer and performer Michal Piotrowski, also at the Swedish Film Institute event:  “This was the first showing of my new video “Love & Calm” -- describing a passionate, transsexual, human being and store-window-dummy embrace and transformation.   

     “We are very proud of  Michal’s work as an openly gay program producer at the Polish Institute here in Stockholm, helping bring Polish LGBT activists to different Pride events in Sweden last year.  We sincerely hope that Tupilak co-operation with the Institute will result in continuing with this Polish-Swedish rainbow co-operation,” says Schiller.

     Helge Brekkan, Icelandic journalist attending the event: “It’s very important to report on the LGBT human rights struggle described by the  Belarus delegates and other festival participants from Croatia and Saudi Arabia.”  

                              HIV/AIDS in the Rainbow Rights Battles

      “We are happy to be once again a venue of the Nordic Fire festival and we welcome the invitation of the Belarus delegates to visit their country, “ said Anders  at the downtown office of PositHIVagruppen (men with HIV having sex with men) also reminding the foreign visitors that they and other Swedes are still fighting the almost unique legislation punishing with imprisonment an HIV man having sex without informing the partner  of his HIV status even if no further infection has taken place.

       At the festival discussions at HIV\AIDS support organization, Noak’s Ark's offices, NA’s Maria Björkqvist: “We are very sorry that the Swedish foreign assistance authorities have decided to cancel our HIV/AIDS program with Belarus on the grounds that this was not part of its “human rights” policies – as if the isolation and discrimination of HIV-infected is not part of the fight against intolerance and fear.”  

                 Belarusians at Future Rainbow Journalist Conference in Vilnius 

     The three visiting Belarus activists AndrusMax and Oleg added:  "Taking into account the highly discriminatory environment for LGBT community members in Belarus, it was highly important for us to learn the Swedish experience of struggle for equal rights. Apart from motivating us to hold similar activities in Belarus, such meetings  are extremely valuable for us, since they provide us with fresh ideas on what efficient directions and new methods of information and general  enlightening work could be applied even in our desperate situation, in order to bring to the fellow-citizens’ minds a clear thought that LGBT people in Belarus are mentally normal and meeting the norms of the civilized moral, on the one hand, and that they deserve equal rights with other Belarusians, in order to leave in the same peaceful and calm way, as all the other people in the country do.

     "We would like to pass sincere words of gratitude to Tupilak as well as to the Civil Rights Defenders for a perfectly organized event and fantastic hospitality!"

      Living constantly under the threat of imprisonment for their critical journalistic and LGBT work, the three Belarus journalists have already announced plans to hold a rainbow journalist conference “in exile” in Vilnius June 22-23, 2012 for a meeting of Belarus, Lithuanian, Swedish and other journalists interested in rainbow co-operation.

    Stockholm Island, Popular Bar, Lesbian Film, Rainbow Art & Photography

     Other festival events included presentations and film screenings at the RFSL House,  discussions and musical performances at the Moonbow Cultural Center on the Stockholm archipelago island of Runmarö,  meetings at the popular Stockholm gay bar, Side Track and a study visit to the Gay Seniorer -- Sweden's organization for elderly LGBT men -- an crucial organization still to be created in most Eastern European countries. 

    Art and photography displayed at all festival events came from the ever-expanding ILGCN & Tupilak International Travelling Art & Photography Exhibit, this time concentrating on works from the Nordic region and Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Russia and Belarus -- with new contributions coming from these countries. 

   Other films screened at the festival included the short, music-filled document on Tupilak's recent Swedish Institute-supported delegation visits to Kiev and Minsk and the inauguration of the 1st Nordic LGBT Monument in the region -- inaugurated last year on the Baltic island of Gotland --  filmed by Swedish Tupilak's Willi Reichhold -- as well as the trailer of a new, in-production,  humor-filled feature film about a wild, renegade lesbian music group by ILGCN-prize winning Swedish cultural personality, Bitte Andersson, who brought her production crew to the festival.

    Support for the Nordic Fire festival also came from the Nordic Rainbow Humanists and the Nordic-Baltic-Polish-Russian-Belarus Network.

      “It hasn’t been easy to organize an international, 0-budget festival... and without the generous support from different organizations, venues and individuals,  this 2nd Nordic Fire wouldn’t have been possible,“ concludes Schiller. "The 1st Nordic Fire focused on solidarity with colleagues in Hungary and the Ukraine.  If we arrange a 3rd Nordic Fire festival here in the future,  we hope to put the spotlight on Nordic co-operation with colleagues on the rainbow barricades in LithuaniaTurkey and Serbia.”

Nordic Fire songs at Moonbow Cultural Center, Runmarö
Belarus journalists at Nordic Fire festival
More info:     www.tupilak.org      bill@tupilak.org      

     (photos and video films of the festival available!)

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tisdag 8 maj 2012

Nordic Fire, stage 2

Dear members and supporters of Tupilak!
The time has come for the Rainbow Festival NORDIC FIRE, stage 2 in Stockholm Sweden!

2nd Nordic Fire on the Rainbow Barricades of Eastern Europe -- a mini-festival between Stockholm Prides:

Spotlight on Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Russia and Belarus:

Preliminary  program:

Wednesday,   May 2       Study visit to the Gay Pensioners   RFSL House, Sveavägen 59   T-bana Rådmansgatan  14.30 

Wednesday, May 2         Nordic Fire -- Open House    discussions, art, films  at  RFSL House  18.00- 20.00   

Thursday, May 3:   "inauguration  skål" at Side Track  Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 7 T-bana Mariatorget, 18.00  

Friday, May 4    Discussions at Civil Rights Defenders  Stora Nygata 26   T-bana Gamla Stan  12.00-14.00

Saturday, May 5      Discussions, study visit   PositHIVa gruppen Tjurbergsgatan 29, T-bana Skanstull    12.00-13.00

Saturday, May 5     Discussions, films, music    Moonnbow Cultural Center   -- Runmarö, archipelago island  15.00 

Sunday, May 6     "Goodbye skål"   -- gay venue, to be announced   18.00

Stockholm May 2-6 Salute to Eastern European Colleagues              
2nd NORDIC FIRE on the Rainbow Barricades 

     Stockholm – A second Nordic rainbow mini-festival between Stockholm Prides will take place in the Swedish capital May 2-6, 2012 – this time highlighting Swedish and other Nordic co-operation with colleagues in Estonia just across the Baltic Sea, Latvia organizing the 4th  Baltic Pride at the end of May, Poland making progress on the LGBT front, Belarus facing harsher conditions under the toughening dictatorship and Russia with new legislation banning positive information on LGBT rights and culture. ´
   Joining the event will be visiting colleagues from the target nations and  journalists, experts and human rights people in Sweden working with international solidarity," says Bill Schiller of Tupilak (Nordic rainbow cultural workers) and the ILGCN Information Secretariat in Stockholm.   "The aim is to see how we can increase co-operation, expand this over barriers, and learn from the courageous and inspiring human rights struggle of our colleagues in the east."

    Another aim is to see how rainbow culture— through  art, photos, music, films and performance – support the LGBT battle for visibility and international co-operation – especially in the face of growing hostility, censorship and violence.