söndag 4 september 2005


Stockholm, Saturday July 27-August 4, 2002

-- including the 5th ILGCN World Conference on Lesbian & Gay Culture and Nordic

Homo Council's 2nd cultural session.

--A NO-DOG TAG international homo cultural festival on the

sidelines of Stockholm Pride.


Thursday, July 25 -- PRESS CONFERENCE
on the Moonbow Festival, 5th ILGCN world homo culture conference,

Nordic Homo Council

15.00 Galleri Aguéli (Blecktornsgränd 9 --Mariatorget)


Saturday, July 28 Tupilak Vernissage, Galleri Aguéli


Sunday, July 29 14.00 Galleri Aguéli

Readings: Ian Stewart - a gay Canadian voice from London &

Paradise Press


Sunday, July 30 19.00

Vernissage & Open House Salong Katakomb (Västmannagatan 56)


Tupilak & International Homo Art & Photography

Galleri Aguéli (July 27-August 10) (Closed Mondays)

(Blecktornsgränd 9 -- Mariatorget)

Salong Katakomb (July 29-August 4) (Västmannagatan 56 - Odenplan)

Gusta Vasa Church (Odenplan) (July 31-August 18)

Marie-Louise Landén (Sweden)

Nina Boström (Sweden)

Paula Urbano (Sweden)

Minna Väisänen (Finland)

Dimitrij Zinovjev (Latvia)

Vlad Urzovla (Belarus)

Celso Júnior (Portugal)

Demestrio Sakatzis (Greece)

Denilton Morais Goncalves (Brazil)

Ismo Hyvärinen (Finland)

Paul-Peter Hallberg (Sweden/Finland)

and Tupilak Art on Tour -- Nordic art & photo slides from:

Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, &



Tupilak Art Lottery with Nordic art & photography prizes

in support of Tupilak artists and covering gallery costs.

Drawing at Cabaret Tupilak Salong Katakomb Friday, August 2

(Västmannagatan 56 -- Odenplan)


Moonbow & World Conference Performances

Talvikki Äkras & the Elontie Band -- Helsinki

"Flamenco" - a music and dance salute to Garcia Lorca (Spain)

Stockholm Gay Chorus

Lesbian Czech Fairy Tales

Tribadernas Festival performers (Finland)

"Cinco de la Tarde," "Angels in the Water - the Journey Home

from Auschwitz" -- monologue (US/Sweden)

Christiana Lambrinidis - "from an autobiography of a lesbian

in Greece"

Historical Dance - Estonian/Swedish performance


Moonbow International Short Film Festival

Special guests: Erica Eaton, ILGCN cultural ambassador -

New York "Evolutionary Girls Club" movies and art.

Liisa Karvonen (Finland) with "Name/brand"

"Outlawed," "Breaking the Silence" - Amnesty-Netherlands

"They Still Smile" Irina Sizova (1st lesbian and gay film from


"Love the One you Love" - (Norway)

"The Last Waltz" -- Teresa Fabik (Sweden)

"Paragraph 175" - Rob Epstein - US/Germany

"Homophobia - that painful problem" - Lionel Bernard (France)

"Thin Lips Thick Lips," "The Offering" -- Paul Lee,


"The Night is Mine" (on the artist, Eugene Jansson) -

Olle Holm (Sweden)


Thursday, August 1

14.00 Galleri Aguéli, Discussion: "A world where even the word 'homosexuality' is

forbidden" A pioneering project with Greek and Turkish youth

in the border region -- Christiania Lambrinidis, ILGCN-Athens

15.00-17.00 Body Painting at Muscle Academy (Björngårdsg. 1 B)

17.00 - 19.00 "Homo Rights Reception" at Side Track (Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 7)

with members of: HAI (Homo cultural workers in Nordic sections of Amnesty

International) Nordic Rainbow Humanists (also presenting

the 2002 "Happy Rainbow Man" humanist award)


Friday, August 2, 2002 at Galleri Aguéli

13.00 Press Conference on Moonbow II, Nordic Homo Council

5th ILGCN world homo culture conference


Nordic Homo Council at Aguéli

- 2nd cultural session 14.00 - 16.00

A follow-up to the Riga session in 2001, confirming working

and contact lists, adopting a NHC constitution, approving

co-operation projects in and outside of the Nordic area --

giving special emphasis to homo culture, emphasizing activities

on the eastern side of the Baltic Sea, presenting a new Nordic

CD, discussing participation in ILGA work, etc.

A forum for co-operation between members in:

Sweden, Norway, Lithunia, Latvia, Iceland, Finland, Estonia

& Denmark



Friday, August 2, 2002 at Salong Katakomb

Music, song, dance, art, etc. with Katten Miro -- Anna Rosén &

Katarina Forslind, Peter "Sexodus" Fröberg, etc.

Tupilak prize ceremonies: Golden Tupilak, Sowelu, Thor's Hammer,

Heimdahl, Bifrost, Homophobia


Open House & Nordic Skål!

to Gothenberg, Helsinki and other future sites for Nordic Homo

Council cultural sessions.

Salong Katakomb Saturday, August 3 19.00



Sunday, August 4 from 16.00…

At Herman's garden restaurant (Fjällgatan 23 A)

Homo music, song, poetry, art


Moonbow 2002 is supported by:

ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network),

Tupilak (Nordic homosexual cultural workers)

Nordic Homo Council


HAI (Homo cultural workers in Nordic sections of Amnesty


Nordic Rainbow Humanists

Gustaf Vasa Regnsbågsgrupp

Salong Katakomb

Galleri Aguelli

Muscle Academy

Side Track