söndag 4 september 2005

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May 18, 2004

Russian Moonbow Aims at St. Petersburg

Stockholm - Latino dance, lesbian films, art and photography,
lesbian literary history and lively discussions featured in the May
16th Moonbow phase in Stockholm - part of the international human
rights and homo cultural festival encircling the Baltic Sea and taking place for the 4th year.

Presentations also covered the May 1st 'Moonrise' in Warsaw, the
Swedish-Polish led delegation to Auschwitz to honor homosexuals and all other victims of Nazi and neo Nazi persecution and the homophobic
violence of the 'Rainbow Battle of Krakow" during the pioneering "Days
of Homo Culture & Tolerance" taking place in that southern Polish city.

Emphasis on Human Rights in Russian Moonbow

Plans are in full swing for the next Moonbow phase: St. Petersburg
June 5-6 - with a special emphasis on homo culture and support from
such human rights organizations as the International Humanist and Ethical Union and Amnesty International as well as state-supported
organizations such as the Nordic Council.

Seminars there will cover rainbow Russian history, Baltic
rainbow co-operation, Nordic homo co-operation at home and with Eastern European colleagues and the use of films and art to combat homophobia and silence.

The Moonbow festival returns to Stockholm July 25 - August 1,
followed by Riga 6-7, Tallinn 13-15 with a 'moonset' in Minsk August
28-29. The 'moonbow' events in Stockholm are no-dag-tag, no 'gay
ghetto' events emphasizing international solidarity without shutting
out those who can not afford high entrance fees.


Krilja 'Wings" Alexander Kukharsky
Moonbow co-ordinator,
Bill Schiller bill@tupilak.se


Olga Chajdas, film maker from
Warsaw, has been appointed as the new
Polish ILGCN cultural ambassador.


Marcin Omietana of the Krakow branch
of the Campaign Against Homophobia,
has been appointed as the new ILGCN
co-ordiantor from Krakow.