söndag 4 september 2005


Stockholm -- Tupilak (the organization of lesbian and gay cultural
workers in the Nordic area) is launching a book campaign to collect
books and publications for the pioneering rainbow library in Tallinn --
run by MeaCulpa.

This is Estonia's first lesbian and gay library -- aiming at
providing crucially needed inspiration and information to the
homosexual community in a nation where only a dozen years ago Stalin's laws called for the imprisonment of gays and where the legacy of homophobia and persecution continues even today.

The project has already won the 'Sapho in Paradise' award from the
ILGCN (International Lesbian and Gay Cultural Network)-Nordic and the London-based publishing co-operative, Paradise Press, which has donated a copy of 'Merle' by Elsa Wallace to accompany the award -- announced at the Berlin stage of the ILGCN World Lesbian & Gay Cultural Conference in October, 2003.

British writer, Elsa Wallace (right) author of 'Merle' (part of ’Sapho in Paradise award’ and partner Kathryn Bell at a London book launch
(photo: Ian Stewart, Paradise Press)

Award Ceremony at Moonbow Festival -Tallinn

Paradise Press is planning to join Nordic colleagues and
others at the Moonbow International Homo Culture & Human Rights
Festival's Estonian phase in Tallinn August 7-8, 2004 -- organized by
MeaCulpa and other activists. The 'Sapho in Paradise' award will be
officially handed over during the festival.

MeaCulpa has been denied financial support from Estonian
authorities, with the motivation that since the birth rate in this
former Soviet republic is so low, no support can be given to lesbian
and gay organizations at this time!

New and old books can be sent to Tupilak Box 23 15, 103 l7
Stockholm and financial contributions can be made via
Tupilak's postgiro 498 37 67 -7 marked 'Meaculpa'.