söndag 4 september 2005

May 17, 2005 the first

(The 15th anniversary of the World Health Organization abolition of the classification
of homosexuality as a disease -- a day to be celebrated in cities all over the globe.)

Väduren Roslagsgatan 20 Stockholm 17.00

(1 street from Odengatan …next to Klaus på Hörnet Bus 53 stop)


Björn Haugan (Norway)
with a song from the rainbow ceremony at Mauthausen concentration camp, Austria

“Cinco de la Tarde”

a reading... from Garcia Lorca to a soldier in Iraq

Greetings from elsewhere in the Nordic region.


Tupilak (Nordic organization of lesbian & gay cultural workers)
ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network)
Information Secretariat
Nordic Homo Council
Nordic Rainbow Humanists