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Latest Tupilak news:2015-07-19

Latest Tupilak news:

Tupilak will host a seminar "Rainbow culture, history and co-operation with Eastern Europe" at Malmö Pride on Friday, August 7 (15.00) with presentations, films and music.  Panel partners: Viking Bears-Stockholm.  

Tupilak will participate again in Umeå Pride with seminars, art, music and award ceremonies.  September 17-20, 2015.  Join us...?

söndag 31 maj 2015

Press Release: Stockholm, May 10, 2015

ILGCN World Rainbow Cultural Conference

takes place in Stockholm

Stockholm -- The first stage of the 2015 ILGCN (international rainbow cultural network) World Rainbow Cultural Conference has taken place in the Swedish capital May 4-6 including seminars on LGBT rights, identity and culture in China, the Philippines, Uganda, Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, Hungary, Canada, the Baltic states, Latin America and elsewhere.

One special seminar highlighted the homophobia and censorship in the news media controled by the dictatorship of Belarus -- a seminar presented by participating gay Belarus journalists from Minsk. Another focused on the determination of such publications as Sweden's Amnesty Press to include LGBT rights and culture in its regular human rights coverage.

Another presentations came from LGBT Amnesty working on the case of murdered South African lesbian, Noxolo Nogwas. The British documentary film by Ben Steele, "Hunted: the War against Gays in Russia" -- about vigilante groups trapping and beating up gays in Russia -- was followed by a panel discussion with visitors from Russia, Belarus and Kyrgystan thanks to assistance from Sweden's Östgruppen for human rights and democracy in Eastern Europe and Sweden's Central Asia group working with human rights in this area.

Other Swedish presentations came from the Rainbow Library in the northern city of Umeå, the Museum of Work of Norrköping on its "elderly LGBT documentation project", Gay Camps and its international program and the PositiHIVagruppen working with men having sex with men, with other seminars dealing with the cultural identity of trans persons and the differently abled and the eldery -- underlined by the documentary film "The Rainbow 's Song" on the elder LGBT's by Nasrin Pakkho, the work with HIV/AIDS in Sweden, the Swedish "Activists in Residence" program which invites in cultural workers from Eastern Europe, and the Swedish Viking Bears underlining the contribution of those breaking the sometimes narrow sterotypes of what LGBT people look like.

Seminars, Music, Art, Performances

This was the first ILGCN world conference in Stockholm since 1998. Others have been held in Warsaw/Auschwitz, Rio de Janeiro, Minneapolis and London. The conference was given crucial support by Tupilak (Nordic rainbow cultural workers) and the Nordic Rainbow Humanists -- with an important presentation by Rolf Solheim on the LGBT movement in Norway and the support of the humanist movement for LGBT rights and culture.

The conference also included music and sång performances, poetry, film screenings, art, photography and performances as well as a large exhibit of Ugandan handicraft sold to support safe houses in Uganda giving refuge to persecuted LGBT people.

Award diplomas handed out during the conference went to Swedish "Dyke Hard" film maker, Bitte Andersson, Russian Elena Klimova facing trial and prison for defyinng the Russian law banning information on homosexuality, and the LGBT organization of the Faroe Islands.,

The venutes includes the local of the PositHIVagruppen, the pub Secreta Garden, the local of Senses - human rights group, the gay pub Side Track and the gay-run café Röda Rummet -- essential co-operation for what was largely a 0-budget event..

The 2nd stage of this year's conference will be held in Palanga -- with invitations from Lithuanian collegues to the event read out at the confernce.. Contact the ILGCN Information Secretariat-Stockholm or Lithuanian ILGCN organizers, Darius or Arvydas Vogulis.

www.ilgcn.tupilak.org     bill@tupilak.org     arvo@takas.lt

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Press Release                                                Stockholm, February 12, 2015                                                                                                                    

  Stockholm -- The ILGCN World Rainbow Cultural Conference 2015 will take place in  Stockholm, Sweden  May 4-6  ( stage 1) and  Palanga, Lithuania: July 17-19  (stage 2).

  Delegates will be discussing LGBT film making, journalism,  art, music and literature.  Other seminars will cover rainbow culture for trans persons, the HIV positives and  differently ableled.  Other seminars will cover national LGBT situations in different countries and NGO human rights organizations' support for rainbow rights and culture.   

   Delegates will be coming from Norway, Belarus, Canada, Thailand, Peru, Cuba, Egypt, the Czeck Republic, Serbia, Sweden, Finland and elsewhere.

     There are no registration or entrance fees. Unfortunately, the conference has no travel grants but will try to find private accomodation for foreign visitors to avoid hotel costs.  

    The conference is being supported by the ILGCN (international rainbow cultural network) Information Secretriat-Stockolm, Tupilak (Nordic rainbow cultural workers), Nordic Rainbow Humanists and International Rainbow Seniors-Sweden.

     This is the first such event in Stockholm since 1998.  Other ILGCN world conference have taken place in Warsaw/Auschwitz, London, Minneapolis and Rio de Janeiro.

   More information:  bill@tupilak.org      www.ilgcn.tupilak.org     www.tupilak.org    Tupilak Facebook

tisdag 6 januari 2015


Join us -- or send solidarity greetings -- to another ILGCN participation in Rio de Janeiro's annual  Simpatia é Quase Amor (sympathy is almost love)  parades and very rainbow-filled street happenings in this Brazlian city at Ipanema beach.

Date:  Saturday, February 7, 2015  -- just before Rio's giant annual carnival!

Contact:  ILGCN cultural ambassador for Brazil, Anders Ödvall   eljest123@hotmail.com

tisdag 23 december 2014


Stockholm/Beijing/Manila -- ILGCN and Tupilak work have been highlighted in the capitals of China and the Philippines in December, 2014.


A multi-media presentation in Beijing at a large and well-known book store at an event arranged by the pioneering LGBT Center Beijing focused on LGBT culture, history and Nordic and iinternational co-operation. A visit the following day to the center itself included discussions on future co-operation between China and Sweden and selections of a ILGCN culltural ambassador and co-ordinator from China.

Award Diplomas in the Philippines

Despite the threat of a severe typhoon battering central Philippines, the 20th Pride Parade in Metro Manila took place in this part of the giant Philippine capital. On stage after the march, the ILGCN "Rainbow Warrior" award honored all Metro Pride organizers over the past two decaded and was accepted by two gay veterans who attended the first Metro Manila pride.

The motivation for the award included a salute to Metro Manila Pride "for -- in this its 20th anniversary year -- continuiing to parade on city streets to make LGBT people visible and to confirm that on the rainbow barriers are men and women, young and old, native and foreign born. differently disabled, HIV positive and negative, queer, trans, bi-sexual colleagues and their supporters."

Another ILGCN Rainbow Warrior award diploma went to an event in another part of the Philippine capital -- the Quezon International Pink Film Festival, the biggest LGBT film festival in Asia. At a festival event sponsored by the Quezon mayor's office which supported the film festival, the award was accepted by Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte, festival organizer and film maker, Nick Deocampo, and Soxie Topacio, chairman of the Quezon City Pride Council.

The motivation for the award read: "... for emphasizing that films are one of the most powerful cultural weapons to combat intolerance, ignorance, provinciality and homophobia -- a crucial ally in the political struggle for rainbow and all other human rights ... and for teaching new LGBT generations about the painful sacrifice and pleasures of the past while illustrating how the drama and humor of yesterday help create bridges to today and tomorrow."

Swedish films screened at the Pink Festival included Ester Martin Bergsmark's "She Male Snails" (Pojktanten) -- thanks fo assistance from the Swedish Film Institute -- a trailer for Bitte Andersson's "Dyke Hard." and three ILGCN/Tupilak short films "LGBT Monuments," "Swedish-Belarus Delegations to Kiev," "Survival" by Willi Reichhold.


Other ILGCN Rainbow Warrior award diplomas this year saluted the World Pride-Toronto 2014 and Öst Gruppen -- the Swedish organization working for human rights and lgbt rights in Eastern Europe.

​More information: bill@tupilak.org

måndag 15 december 2014



Vilnius -- A historic international meeting of Belarus, Lithuanian, Swedish and Canadian LGBT and pro-LGBT journalists,  editors, translators and human rights defenders met in the Lithuanian capital on October 11, 2014 to discuss the present situation in Belarus -- and ways to exchange international experience and increase the collaboration of LGBT activists/human rights groups/mass media in other countries to help ensure LGBT people's equal rights with other social groups.

"We are very eager to increase contacts with other countries including our neighbor, Belarus," said Marius Gorochovskis, communications officer of the Lithuanian Gay League, at the conference which took place at the Human Rights House in the heart of the Lithuanian capital.

"It was great meeting colleagues from Belarus and there is a strong motivation for working together internationally," said Robert Milkovic, writer/editor and LGBTQ activist in Toronto Canada.

"The LGBT Belarus journalist is a powerful tool for educating fellow colleagues and the society on the whole -- since homophobia is a devastating and crippling illness even in Sweden today despite the almost perfect anti-discrimination legislation there," said Bill Schiller of Tupilak, the Nordic organization of rainbow cultural workers and the ILGCN, the international rainbow cultural network.

In addition, a separate discussion was dedicated to the problem of non-ethical comments under LGBT-related publications on mass media Web-sites in Belarus -- with contributions of the Belarusian LGBT Journalists' Group as facilitator, 'GayBelarus''GayAlliance'MakeOut34Mag, the Belarusian Helsinki Committee and Gender Route, a feminist NGO. 

In post-conference discussions including Lithuanian LGBT cultural workers, plans were made to hold a Belarus, Lithuanian, Swedish and Canadian rainbow conference and cultural gathering in southern Lithuania in 2015.




tisdag 18 november 2014



Stockholm/Minsk — Both Belarus and Swedish LGBT organizations have launched a fund-raising campaign to help Mikhail Pischevsky, a Belarus gay architect/designer nearly beaten to death in a savage, homophobic attack in the Belarus capital last May—leaving him since then hospitalized,in a coma and permanently injured.

"It's been for the first time that a criminal case for committing a hate crime in relation to a homosexual person has received publicity in Belarus", says Oleg Rozkkov of Belarus's Gaypress. The attacker is appealing his 2-year jail sentence, insisting he was "cleaning up society" and should not be punished for beating up homosexuals.

"The family desperately needs financial help to care for Mikhail and to emplyee a nurse for essential care", say Belarus LGBT activists.

"We have long been working with Belarus LGBT groups and find it only natural to try to extend our assistance to them, to Mikhail and his family caring for him", says Bill Schiller of Tupilak (Nordic cultural workers) and ILGCN (International rainbow cultural network) Information Secretariat-Stockholm—both long working with Belarus LGBT colleagues.

More information: http://gaypress.eu/2014/10/26/young-guy-beaten-nearly-to-death-after-a-gay-party-in-minsk/

For contributions:

​57 Beneficiary Bank
Bartashevich Valiantsina
Account number 000284
For treatment Michael Pischevskiy
Acc. at branch
527/527Кастрычнік 26, 2014

56 Correspondent Bank

Post giro 498 3767-7
C/O "Mikhail"