Gå med Tupilak

-- the organization of lesbian and gay cultural workers in the Nordic area you simply have to pay Swedish 100 kronor annually (members in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are exempt from payment) to:

Plusgiro 498 37 67 - 7
(Vid betalningen av medlemsavgiften ange namn och epost adress så vi vet vem som har betalat./ Please write your name and e-mail when you pay the membership fee, so that we know who has paid. )

Get in touch with homo cultural workers in different professions in your own country, in our Nordic neighbors on both sides of the Baltic Sea,and in a number of Eastern European countries where we are working together with colleagues there on solidarity events ranging from performances, art exhibits, seminars, film festivals, human rights conferences, etc..

Send us a line through our email info@tupilak.org or

c/o Bill Schiller, chairman
Hornstulls Strand 9
apartment 1405
117 39 Stockholm, Sweden

  • If you wish to get involved: with any of our projects in Stockholm, such as our monthly Tupilak cabarets and art exhibits.

  • With homo events in collaboration with other groups throught Sweden.

  • With our collection of Nordic slides of lesbian and gay artists, sculptors and photographers.

  • With our activities together with homo cultural workers in Amnesty Interntional and other organizations, using homo music, dance, film, art, publications and conferences in the human rights struggle.

  • With our annual rotating "Nordic Light" Nordic homo film festival.

  • With our projects in Eastern Europe.

Let us know what you'd like to get involved with,
your profession, your ideas.....