söndag 4 september 2005

4TH Moonbow Festival begins in new Baltic territory: 2004 'Moonrise' Launches Festival in Warsaw

May 8, 2004

Warsaw-Stockholm -- This year's festival on both sides of the
Baltic Sea emphasing homo culture and international solidarity was launched in Warsaw May 1st - a quick replacement for the Warsaw Pride forced to postpone events because of the Polish capital's European Union membership celebrations.

"We're pleased we could so quickly gather together so much art,
song, music, photography, poetry and performances, " says Polish
co-ordinantor of the ILGCN (International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network). "We will also discuss with colleagues here how we can complement Sarajevo this fall in staging a phase of the ILGCN World Lesbian & Gay Cultural Conference."

Polish interest in Baltic Co-operation

"We support this idea of Baltic Moonbow co-operation very much and
hope to visit some of the events this year in our northern neighbors
in Estonia and Latvia," says Olga Chajdas, film-maker and new Polish
ILGCN cultural ambassador.

Part of the photo exhibit included work from HOSI-Linz and
Tupilak (Nordic Homo cultural workers) - as part of this year's ILGCN "Nazi & neo Nazi Persecution of lHomosexuals." The exhibit will travel to those Moonbow sites which have not really had it.

The 2004 Moonbow festival continues to Stockholm: May 16, St.
Petersburg: June 5-6, Stockholm: July 30-August 1, Riga: August: 6-7,
Tallinn: 7-8, Minsk: August 28-29, with a 'moonset' in Stockholm on
November 6.. Stockholm events are alternatives to the dog-tag, gay-ghetto
Pride events which shut out those who can not afford the prices.


For more information: Moonbow co-ordianator Bill Schiller at