lördag 1 januari 2000

World Homocultural Conferences

ILGCN's Annual World Conference
on Lesbian & Gay Culture...

Sexodus of Sweden, performer at Warsaw and Stockholm
world conferences, to perform in Mykonos September, 2001

Swedish cabaret singer, Peter 'Sexodus' Fröberg, performing at
world conferences in Warsaw, Stockholm and Mykonos.

...highlighting homo culture in such areas as art, photography, theater, poetry, music, song, dance, choreography, films, literature, journalism, design, architecture, translation, etc..

....focusing on how to increase the use of homo culture = homo politics as a valuable weapon against homophobia, invisibility and silence.

.....discussing conditions and measures to increase support for professional lesbian and gay cultural workers - at home and abroad.

....encouraging organizers to invite ILGCN cultural ambassadors and others for performances, concerts, film screenings, art exhibits and seminars to increase international solidarity and awareness.

...working together with human rights organizations and groups such as the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (New York), Amnesty International sections and groups, the International Humanist and Ethical Union, and progressive political parties from a growing number of countries.

...approving new ILGCN cultural co-ordinators and cultural ambassadors to the list already including Brazil, Cuba, Latvia, Estonia, Greece, Iceland, India, Portugal, Serbia, Italy, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Romania, Belarus, Germany, Britain, Australia, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Ireland, Japan, Canada, USA, etc..

....awarding annual prizes to pioneers and others making outstanding achievements across national borders to promote homo culture as a major contribution to the human rights struggle.