lördag 1 januari 2000


-- Nordic Homo Film Festivals

..... rotating annually between Nordic nations

..... focusing on lesbian and gay films and film makers from the Nordic area

..... bringing Nordic homo film makers in contact with festival audiences

..... highlighting special international human rights films

Some of our films:

"The Night is Mine" - the music and art-filled Swedish television documentary

of the turn-of-the-century painter, Eugene Jansson, his blue paintings of Stockholm by night and his later works portraying his lover and other visitors to the city's outdoor baths. By Sweden's Olle Holm.

"HARU - the island of lonely people" -- A Swedish/Finnish television

production on the famous Swedish-Finnish writer and mother of the

Moomintroll, Tove Jansson, and her woman, on their island in the Finnish archipelago.

"I Love Who I Want to Love" - a documentary of young Norwegian

lesbians and gays proudly coming out and dealing with homophobia .

by Norwegian film director, Trond Winterkjaer and Ronny Kristoffersen.

And such non-Nordic specials as:

Beautiful, wordless prize winning short films, "Thick Lips, Thin Lips"

and "The Offering" of Paul Lee, ILGCN-Toronto.

"Breaking the Silence" and "Outlawed" -- moving, global

documentaries from the Dutch section of Amnesty International.

"Kissing Girls Made me This Way", "Warsaw and the world homo cultural conference stage" etc. -- C. Eaton, USA


The 1st "Nordic Light" Lesbian and Gay Nordic Film Festival took place in May, 2000 in Tallinn, Estonia.

The 2nd "Nordic Light" is scheduled to take place in Riga, Latvia in September, 2001 as

part of the first stage of the 4th ILGCN World Conference on Lesbian and Gay Culture.

Interested in hosting a future "Nordic Light".?

Interested in borrowing "Nordic Light" films for a film evening, seminar or discussion?

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