lördag 1 januari 2000

Nazi persecution of homosexuals

and the fate of lesbians and gays in the Holocaust

Swedish women at Wall of Execution in Auschwitz
during the visit of the international homo delegation

from the 3rd World Conferenceon Lesbianand Gay Culture, July, 2000.
Photo by Paul Peter Hallberg, Stockholm......aims at increasing information aboutthe "forgotten holocaust"and the fate of lesbians and gays in the Nazi death camps. The 1st "Persecution of Homosexuals "event took place in Stockholm at Noak's Ark-Red Cross and at the theater local, Salong Katakomb in January, 2000

-- on the sidelines of the Swedish government's international Holocaust Forum.
Special guests speakers were German Professor Günther Grau and
Swedish historian and researcher, Fredrik Silverstolpe, as well as
Swedish parliamentarians Yvonne Ruwiada of the Green Party and Tasso

Stafilidis of the Left party,and now head of the Swedish parliament's
The event included a memorial concert with the Women's House
Chorus, the Stockholm Gay Choir, singers and musicians Eva Hansson,
Jan Hammarlund, Anders Jonsson, the duo Venus Passagen,
Sexodus -- all of Sweden - and dancer Timo Loponen of Finland.

At the event, the "Orfeo Iris" prize was announced - going to the
Auschwitz Memorial Museum for its work in documenting and
illustrating that homosexuals also perished at this and other Nazi
camps. (The prize was handed over in July during the 3rd world
conference on homo culture.)

The 1st stage of the 2nd "Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals " in 2001 has taken place in Stockholm, January 28

-- on the sidelines of the Swedish government's
International Forum Combating Intolerance. The 2nd stage will take place in Vilnius, May 26-27 -- part of the FIFE International Cultural Forum in the Lithuanian capital .

The 3rd "Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals " in 2002 will take place in Linz, Austria in May (the anniversary of the liberation of the Matthausen concentration camp) -- organized by HOSI-Linz

Note: Tupilak, ILGCN and HAK (Homo cultural workers in Nordic Amnesty) are co-operating with the organizers of the events and have a large collection of appropriate art work, posters, photographs and films to the event.

Contact us if you are interested in participating in any of our events,
if you have homo cultural material to add to our collection or if your organization would like to host a future event of this kind .