lördag 1 januari 2000

Stipends & awards/ utmärkelser & stipendium

Golden Tupilak
-- for outstanding achievements for lesbian and gay rights and culture on the international scene.

-- for a Nordic woman or women’s group making an outstanding contribution to lesbian culture (named after the letter of the runic alphabet for light and the sign of a ‘spiritual warrior.’)

Thor’s Hammer
-- for a Nordic man or men’s group making outstanding contributions to gay culture.

Polar Bear
-- for outstanding achievements with lesbian and gay films in the Nordic region or beyond. (Announced in February at the same time of the Berlin International Film Festival -- where the prize was born as part of the Golden, Silver and Gay Teddy bear family.)

-- for a Nordic hetereosexual individual or organization helping create bridges between the homosexual and heterosexual communities. (Named after the rainbow bridge of Norse mythology linking the world of the gods and the world of the humans.).

-- for outstanding contributions in the mass media in the Nordic region or beyond. (Named after the Norse god of Viking mythology, who stood at the edge of the rainbow bridge and blew the horn to herald the end of the old world and the birth of the new one).

-- for infamous discrimination and violation of lesbian and gay rights within the Nordic region or beyond.

--annual support for the travels of a Swedish lesbian or gay cultural worker to an Eastern European Tupilak or ILGCN event (named after the ancient and touble-making Norse god able to change form and sex and constantly challenging authority).

-- priority given to a performing or graphic artists able to sing, dance, play music or display art or photography to increase visibility and give a Swedish touch to the local program.

-- priority given to a member of Tupilak

Loke´s sisters
annual financial support for a rainbow cultural project in Sweden OUTSIDE of the major cities.

-- priority given to those working together with other organizations,
festivals, exhibitions, etc. to increase the ties between communities, organizations and individuals.

-- priority given to a member of Tupilak