tisdag 23 december 2014


Stockholm/Beijing/Manila -- ILGCN and Tupilak work have been highlighted in the capitals of China and the Philippines in December, 2014.


A multi-media presentation in Beijing at a large and well-known book store at an event arranged by the pioneering LGBT Center Beijing focused on LGBT culture, history and Nordic and iinternational co-operation. A visit the following day to the center itself included discussions on future co-operation between China and Sweden and selections of a ILGCN culltural ambassador and co-ordinator from China.

Award Diplomas in the Philippines

Despite the threat of a severe typhoon battering central Philippines, the 20th Pride Parade in Metro Manila took place in this part of the giant Philippine capital. On stage after the march, the ILGCN "Rainbow Warrior" award honored all Metro Pride organizers over the past two decaded and was accepted by two gay veterans who attended the first Metro Manila pride.

The motivation for the award included a salute to Metro Manila Pride "for -- in this its 20th anniversary year -- continuiing to parade on city streets to make LGBT people visible and to confirm that on the rainbow barriers are men and women, young and old, native and foreign born. differently disabled, HIV positive and negative, queer, trans, bi-sexual colleagues and their supporters."

Another ILGCN Rainbow Warrior award diploma went to an event in another part of the Philippine capital -- the Quezon International Pink Film Festival, the biggest LGBT film festival in Asia. At a festival event sponsored by the Quezon mayor's office which supported the film festival, the award was accepted by Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte, festival organizer and film maker, Nick Deocampo, and Soxie Topacio, chairman of the Quezon City Pride Council.

The motivation for the award read: "... for emphasizing that films are one of the most powerful cultural weapons to combat intolerance, ignorance, provinciality and homophobia -- a crucial ally in the political struggle for rainbow and all other human rights ... and for teaching new LGBT generations about the painful sacrifice and pleasures of the past while illustrating how the drama and humor of yesterday help create bridges to today and tomorrow."

Swedish films screened at the Pink Festival included Ester Martin Bergsmark's "She Male Snails" (Pojktanten) -- thanks fo assistance from the Swedish Film Institute -- a trailer for Bitte Andersson's "Dyke Hard." and three ILGCN/Tupilak short films "LGBT Monuments," "Swedish-Belarus Delegations to Kiev," "Survival" by Willi Reichhold.


Other ILGCN Rainbow Warrior award diplomas this year saluted the World Pride-Toronto 2014 and Öst Gruppen -- the Swedish organization working for human rights and lgbt rights in Eastern Europe.

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