onsdag 13 augusti 2008


--- colleagues in the Nordic region on both sides of the Baltic Sea

info@tupilak.org www.tupilak.org

Thanks to Tupilak and ILGCN members for the great co-operation during our events in Visby (Almedalen) week, July 19 in Stockholm with PositHIVa Gruppen, with ROHS on 26 July at Theater Tribunal and at Galleri Kocks and Musik Valvet in Stockholm July 24-30!!!

Steering Committee
Tupilak Steering Committee meetings in Stockholm are to take place on the first Monday of the month. Check for information on local, change in dates, time, etc.. Members are very welcome in person and through the e-mail with suggestions and proposals. Especially welcome -- colleagues who want to help with future exhibitions, concerts, performances, etc.

ILGCN World Rainbow Cultural Conference Stages
Information on the coming stages in Helsinki, Minneapolis and Toronto are on the ILGCN website. Tupilak members are very welcome to these and future stages with seminars, performances, art work, etc. www.ilgcn.tupilak.org

TUPILAK & ILGCN Travelling Art & Photography Exhibition
More contributions have come in from the Nordic region and beyond. Additional artists and photographers are also very welcome. The next stops planned for the exhibit will be Helsinki and Minneapolis in September, 2008, Toronto November 2008, and Budapest and Bucharest in 2009.

Membership Drive
If you know other rainbow cultural activists and supporters in the Nordic region who might want to join Tupilak, please contact them and give them our address or let us know and we'll contact them.

With the sharp cutback in state support to all LGBT groups in Sweden, we are more than ever dependent on membership payments.

100 sv. kr. per year post.giro 498 37 67-7

Ganymedes” of Carl Milles, photo by Willi Reichhold

-- Bill Schiller, international secretary