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IDAHO Day & 101 Years of Estonian Independence

IDAHO Day & 101 Years of Estonian Independence
Estonia House May 17, 2019

Wallingatan 32-34 (T-Centralen)

17.00  Art & photo exhibition
Swedish/Estonian CD music

19:00 - 21.00
Skål to IDAHO Day & 101 Years of Estonian Independence
Taave Sööt Vahermägi -- Estonian House
Keio Soomelt -- Rakvere Festheart film festival/ Estonian LGBT Choir
Sarah Florén -- Tupilak (Nordic rainbow culture workers) chairwoman

Music/song/Art/LGBT poetry:   Music: Robert Hill, Sweden
Art work: Alice of Tallinn, Juri Marann of Tartu (slides)
Film trailer:  "I Let her Out"  - Joosep, Estonia
Music:  Christine Zawall, Sweden
Monologue:  "Gay Angels of Vilnius Ghetto" -- Bill Schiller, Tupilak/ILGCN
Film: " LGBT Monument" -- Willi Reichhold, Sweden
Film; "Unchechen"   -- Stephen Hornby, UK
Music/song: Peter “Xeller8” Fröberg, Sweden

Swedish-Estonian co-operation -- October, 2019 -- Bill Schiller, ILGCN/Tupilak:
Participation in Heartfest film festival with Tupilak(ILGCN art and photos...
Seminars on Tove Jansson, etc. in Tallinn, Tartu...?
Estonian participation in Stockholm's 4th Nordic Rainbow History & Culture Month (October-2019)?
and 1st Nordic Pride October 28-30...?

Film salute to all in Estonia and world-wide with HIV/AIDS.    
Late gay Brazilian, Renato Russo with "Amori Strani"
International LGBT Poetry

lördag 13 oktober 2018

ILGCN's 3rd Nordic Rainbow History& Culture Month October, 2018, Stockholm stage

MONDAY, October 15  (19:00-21:00) 
Hornstulls Strand 9 (T-ban Hornstull) Limited access.
“Nordic Month days in Södertälje, International LGBT History Hubs” – Sarah Florén, Tupilak

-"Gay and Lesbian History in Austria – and privileged contact to the early movement in Eastern Europe in the 1980´s” – Kurt  Krickler, HOSI-Wien
"The Power of Rainbow Culture -- weapon against homophobia and silence" -- ILGCN
"Gay art in Colorado" -- Victor Adeniran , USA
Music & Song – Dosan Johansson, Sweden
Hornstulls Strand 9 (T-ban Hornstull) Limited access.
"Why Bears on the Rainbow Barricades?"-- John Earhart - Norwegian Bears; Bill Schiller- Bears International; 
TUESDAY, October 16 (19.00-22:00) SECRET GARDEN 
(Kornhamnstorg 59) (T-bana Gamla Stan)
”Rainbow Music vs. Homophobia"-- Jan Hammarlund, Swedish singer, songwriter
“Humanists on the Rainbow Barricades" -- Rolf Solheim, Norway, Nordic Humanists
“Rainbows in Australia" - Australian Ambassador Jonathan Kenna
"History of RFSL, Latvian comments" - Kjell Rindar, Sweden
“Art of David Amin" – Iraq/Sweden
"Amnesty and LGBT Visibility" - Ulf Andersson, editor Amnesty Press, Sweden
“Music/song, "Autumn Song" (text of Tove Jansson) - Peter Fröberg , Sweden

At the same venue:   2nd BEARS INTERNATIONAL CULTURE FESTIVAL (day 2)
--"Nordic Co-operation with Bears in Eastern Europe” -- John Earhart of Norwegian Bears, Bill Schiller – Bears International, 
Written statements from Andrus – Lokys Bears-Belarus; Vladimir - Moscow Bears; Alexei - Petersburg Bears; Alvar Ameljushenko - Bearty-Tallinn, Estonia

WEDNESDAY, October 17 (19.00-21.00)  
COSMOPOLITE bar (T-bana Hornstull)  (Långholmsg. 28)
"Hate Crimes" -- Göran Stanton, Swedish Police
"Why No LGBT Monument in Sweden? -- Bill Schiller, ILGCN
Film: "LGBT Monuments" -- Willi Reichhold, Sweden
"Rainbow Culture in a Dictatorship" -- Belarus refugees, Edward Tarletsky -Minsk, Sidnimax
"Rainbows in Canada" – Eric Petersson, political counsellor, Canadian  Embassy
Film: "Narcissus" - Norman Mclaren, Canada

At the same venue:
"Bear Art, Photography, Films" – Bill Schiller – Bears International , 
THURSDAY, October 18(14.00-17.00)   
MELLANRUM Gallery  (Mellanbergvägen 100) (T-ban Hägerstenåsen)
LGBT Art & Photography -- Lightning Vernissage
(18.00-19.00)   SIDETRACK pub   
(Wollmar Yxkullsg. 7)  (T-ban Mariatorget) --  Rainbow poetry

TIME bar  (20.00 -22.00) 
(Hornsgatan 174 )  (T-Bana Hornstull)
"Rainbow Journalism/Homonationalism" -- Anna- Maria Sörberg, Sweden
"Gay Seniorer -- viktig möte för älder män" -- Hans Nordh, Gay Seniorer.
"The Power of Rainbow Culture -- weapon against homophobia and silence" -- ILGCN
"LGBT Sports & Culture" - Henrik Husgafvel, Sweden
"Rainbows in a Homophobic Hungary" -- ILGCN Hungary
At the same venue:
"Bears on the March --  future Bear activities”
. -
Bill Schiller - Bears International, 
TUESDAY, October 23 (19-00-21.00) 
International rainbow poetry -Tomas Åberg, Sweden, etc

bill@tupilak.org    facebooks: "ILGCN," "Tupilak   "Bill Schiller"

fredag 14 juli 2017



Press release from the ILGCN Information Secretariat:  July 5, 2017

Budapest --  Seminars on LGBT culture and history, films, music, poetry, art and photography were part of the ILGCN (international rainbow culture network) international cultural conference -- July 3-4, 2017 part of this year-s Budapest Pride.

Also discussions on the role of "Bears on the Barricades," the role of trans persons in rainbow history and culture, immigrants/refugee contributions to LGBT culture, the importance of  rainbow humanists and the anti-fascist movement on the rainbow barricades -- especially in nations facing growing threats from violent neo-nazis, intolerant politicans, negative media and homophobic religious leaders.  Discussions also covered research in the Nazi and neo Nazi persecution of homosexuals -- followed 10 years after the liberation of Auschwitz by Franco's Tefía concentration camp in Spain, and the growing number of LGBT monuments paying tribute to LGBT people arrested, imprisoned, and murdered over the millinnems.

Art and photography illustrated the works of colleagues from Poland, Belarus, Russia, Estonia, Finland and elsewhere.  Films included the Canadian "Beyond Pride" covering prides in Vancouver, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Russia and the British drama "Unchechen" displaying the recent wave of persecution and violance against gays in the Chechnyan republic of Russia. 

Participants requested another such conference in the Hungarian capital next year.  The 2nd stage of this year's conference is planned for one of the 14 Nordic cities of the 2nd Nordic Rainbow History & Art Month this October -- an event inspired by the LGBT history months taking place in London for over a decade and the LGBT history month in Budapest.

The Budapest conference was also supported by Tupilak (Nordic rainbow culture workers)European Rainbow Humanists and Bears International.

Some of the Budapest conference participants from Canada, Hungary and Sweden

måndag 22 maj 2017


 PRESS RELEASE                                                   Stockholm May 18, 2017...


      Stockholm -- Presentations, poetry, art, and film screenings were part of the Tupilak (Nordic rainbow culture workers) and the ILGCN (rainbow culture international) -arranged event at the Old Town gay-friendly pub Secret Garden marked May 17 as the international day against homophobia and transphobia.

  Presentations included program plans from the Södertälje Art Hall producer Sarah Florén for the October 13-14 part of the 2nd Nordic Rainbow History & Art Month and Bill Schiller on the other 12 Nordic  cities in the October Month -- ranging from Reykjavik to Vilnius.

  Andrea Sjöfelt presented the outslines of her seminar "scientific rascism in the care system yesterday and today for transgender people"  to be deliverind in full in Stockholm and Södertälje during the Nordic Month.

    Sccreened films included "Komet", by Victor LIndgren about LGBT refugees coming to Sweden and "Stockholm Daybreak" by Elin Övergaard about two young gays with dawn hangovers slowly waking up to their true sexual orientation.

    The Stockholm event also expressed special greetings to colleagues in the northern Swedish city of Umeå -- also marking this as IDAHOT Day and screening the film "Komet" with the prescence of the film director participating in a panel discussion..

      Special salutes were made to colleagues in the dictatorships of Belarus and Chechnya.

    Veteran Swedish  singer, musican and song writer Jan Hammarlund performed and Tupilak's Tommy Åberg read his poetry.

      ILGCN awards announced included the "Roger Casement" 2017 dipoma for journalism (named after the human rights pioneering homosexual executed by the British 101 years ago) going to the Russian LGBT Network reporting on the persecution and murder of Chechnyan gays, Russian journalist Elena Milasjina of Novaja Gazeta, facing death threats for reporting on the situation in Chechnya. and Ulf Andersson, editor of Sweden's Amnesty Press.

    The ILGCN "Rainbow Warrior" 2017 was announced , going for the first time posthumously to French policeman, Xavier Jugelé, a popular gay activist murdered in a recent terrorist attack in Paris.

    ILGCN film awards for the coming year went to the U.S/Russian documentary, "Campaign of Hate," the annual LGBT film festival in St. Petersburg "Side by Side" and the British short-film drama "Unchechnen" about the violent mistreatment of gays in Chena.

     Also, a call for a pink dollar boycott of tourism and investment in Indonesia -- with the news of the sentencing of two young gays to 85 cane lashings -- sentenced on IDAHTO day as pointed out in the international news media.

    A special IDAHOT salute was made to the young- 2-years-old Ukrainina Bears, organizing international Bear events during the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, helping challenge the stereotypes often describing gays as "half" men in the Eastern European media, political and religious circles -- undesering of human rights.

   And a Swedish skål was made to American whistleblower, Chelsea Manning, released on IDAHOT Day after 7 years in prison.

  Also supporting the Stockholm event:  Bears International and Nordic Rainbow Humanists

NO CULTURAL EXCHANGE, NO  PINK TOURIST OR INVESTMENT                                                        DOLLARS TO INDONESIA
     On this May 17, 2017 IDAHOT Day, two slender gay men in their 20’s in Indonesia have been found guilty of having gay sex and have been sentenced to prison and 85 cane lashes each.  Such a high number of flesh-cutting lashes can be a death sentence even for strong, muscular men let alone frail youngsters.

    The BBC tv and Al Jazeera reports showing the men taken into a police bus also reported that the young men wept when hearing the verdict.  The reports also emphasized that the sentence came on the world day against homophobia.

     The ILGCN, Tupilak, Nordic Rainbow Humanists and Bears International not only send a loud protest – but also call for a global rainbow cultural, tourist and investment boycott of Indonesia -- a nation spending huge amounts of money daily on BBC television advertising in hopes of attracting more foreign investments and foreign tourists to Indonesia.
    The tourist adds display a harmonious people, beautiful scenery, and much food – to the song of the long-deceased American musician, Louis Armstrong, singing about "green trees and red roses, too...in a wonderful world.”

    We propose that this rainbow boycott begins on this IDAHOT Day, May 17, 2017.

                                                                                                      Bill Schiller, Stockholm

torsdag 29 december 2016


Drottninggatan 30 (T-bana Centralen at Sergels Torg)
Nya styrelsen (nytt blod behövs!) Planering för Tupilaks verksamhet 2017.
New steering committee! (New blood welcome!) Planning for 2017 activities .
Förslag till nya projekter, samarbetet, verksamhet..?  Proposals for new projects, co-operation, activities...?
Före anmälning bäst! Kom i tid (ingen bevakning på mottagning!)
Prior notification best. Come on time because of unmanned reception.

OBS: Kan inte komma 12 jan med vill ställ frågar, har förslag, vill vara med i nya styrelsen..?
If you can't come on January 12, but have questions, have ideas, want to join the new steering committee..?
Secret Garden (Kornhamnstorg 59 T-ban Gamla Stan) 19.00 January 5, 2017 

OBS no. 2: Lengthy Tupilak "Brain Storming Workshop" coming up in the spring of 2017! Who are we..? What do we want to do?
More information on date, place coming. Information om datum, lokal, etc. kommer!

Bill, Tupilak international secretary bill@tupilak.org

fredag 21 oktober 2016

Anti-Discrimination Journalist in Belarus-2016’

C:\Users\корона\Desktop\tupilak-logo.jpgC:\Users\корона\Downloads\612967_shjopx6e5guke7jlfu54whwhz.jpgGay Press

CONTEST: ‘The Best Anti-Discrimination Journalist in Belarus-2016’

TUPILAK (Queer Cultural Workers in the Nordic Region, www.tupilak.org) in cooperation with the ‘Journalists for Tolerance’ Campaign of Belarusian LGBT Journalists (www.gaypress.eu) announces a professional contest for the Belarusian journalists on the best anti-discrimination reporting. The best authors of articles and/or photo-audio-video reports, fostering equality of vulnerable social groups in the Belarusian society will be announced on the International Human Rights Day on December 10, 2016.

The winners will receive a special award from the contest organizers. Also, the winner will have a possibility to visit LGBT organizations in Stockholm, in order to prepare topical publications, in 2017.

It is suggested that the contest materials have to appear in the media within the period since November 1, 2015 till October 31, 2016. The contest materials have to be submitted to the e-mail address gayjour@gmail.com  for consideration no later than on November 30, 2016.

Конкурс для журналістаў – “Найлепшы журналіст-барацьбіт з дыскрымінацыяй у Беларусі – 2016”

Культурніцкая ЛГБТ-арганізацыя Паўночных краінаў ТУПІЛАК сумесна з ініцыятывай “Журналісты за талерантнасць” і сайтам Gaypress у пяты раз абвяшчае прафесійны конкурс на найлепшы журналісцкі матэрыял на антыдыскрымінацыйную праблематыку.
Аўтары найлепшых друкаваных і Інтэрнэт-артыкулаў і/ці фота-аўдыё-відэа рэпартажаў, якія прасоўваюць ідэю роўнасці і недыскрымінацыі ўразлівых сацыяльных групаў у беларускім грамадстве, будуць абвешчаныя ў Міжнародны дзень правоў чалавека – 10 снежня 2016 года.
Пераможца конкурсу атрымае адмысловую ўзнагароду, а таксама будзе мець магчымасць наведаць ЛГБТ-арганізацыі ў Стакгольме з мэтай падрыхтоўкі тэматычных публікацыяў на працягу 2017 года. 
Чакаецца, што конкурсныя матэрыялы павінны з’явіцца ў прэсе ў перыяд з 1 лістапада 2015 г. па 31 кастрычніка 2016 года. Матэрыялы конкурсу маюць быць скіраваныя на разгляд журы на электронны адрас gayjour@gmail.com не пазней за 30 лістапада 2016 года.

onsdag 5 oktober 2016

(Umeå -- October 1-2, Stockholm – October 3-25, Vilnius -- October 29-31, 2016)
www.ilgcn.tupilak.org   www.tupilak.org     contact: bill@tupilak.org

Panel discussions, presentations, films, poetry, art & photography, music, song, monologues

Art Exhibit
SALONG  LUGO  (October 1-31) - Luke Darko of Paris;  Vladiks of Minsk;
Kennet Lindquist of Stockholm, Anastasia Medco of Kiev
WEDNESDAY, October 5 – 19.00-21.00  SECRET GARDEN
(Kornhamnstorg 59) (T-ban Gamla Stan)

Focus on Estonia:  Estonian art, CD music
Ireland: 100th year since execution of  Roger Casement.  ’Black Diaries’ journalism award for Belarus.
Focus on LGBT Iran: Film: "Out of Iran"  - Farid Haerinejad, Iran/Canada.  Iranian voices.
International rainbow poetry
THURSDAY, October 6 –     18.00-19.00  SIDETRACK  
Wollmar Yxkullsg. 7 (T-bana Mariatorget)
Focus on Leather/Fetisch/Bears – Jan Kopriwa – Lederverkstaden      Leather art – Celso Junior,
Brazil/Portugal, Jan Stary of Prague, Ingemar of Sweden, Tom of Finland
ILGCN History Salute to Pink Armenia. International rainbow poetry

FRIDAY, October 7  -- 19.00-21.00   NORDIC ASSOCIATION
(Drottninggatan 30) (T-bana Centralen)
Focus on prostitution: “Lilies of the Streets” --  Ananda Walkabout, Sweden, Apila  Miettinen, Finland
“The Nordic Homo Revolutionen!”--Thorgny Arwidson, Nordic Association
Focus on Lithuania: Art.
 "Change It, “Baltic Pride 2016 Promo” "--
LGL Lithuania Nordic ILGCN “Arco Nordica” 2016 to Lithuania
 Tupilak “Bifrost” awards 2016 to Lithuania, Sweden Nordic Rainbow Network – a new creation for Nordic co-operation, rainbow cultural exchange
Focus on Iceland:  Films: "Hördur Torfasson: The Peaceful Revolution." Icelandic CD music.

1st Rainbow Art Fair
SATURDAY, October 8  --  16.00-23.00   RÖKRIDÅ
(Rökerigatan 9) (T-bana Globen)
Pågor hela kvällen med olika uppträdanden, bar och dans.
Utställare: Andrea Sjöfelt, Kennet Lindquist, Bo Bergstrand, Ars Sonor, Marcello Lentini, Luke Darko
Anti-Fascism Photo Exhibition” --  Vilmos Hanti, President of Association of Anti Fascists
Works from ILGCN/Tupilak International Travelling Art & Photo Exhibition
Books from “Lilies of the Streets.”
Art f ilms: "Natten är min” (Eugene Jansson)  -- Olle Holm, “LGBT Monuments”- Willi Reichhold
gallery music: Ars Sonor       
songs/music: Elise Ria , Jan Hammarlund      
MusikBand:  Gränsen 



ILGCN World Rainbow Cultural Conference 2016 (stage 2)
MONDAY, October 10    15.00-17.00      POSITHIVAGRUPPEN
(Tjurbergsgatan 29) (T-bana Skanstull)
Focus on Differently Abled: Kait Bessing, Frequency Alcyone .

Film trailer:  “The Way He Looks” – Daniel Ribeiro, Brazil.
“Nazi Persecution of LGBT's."   “Neo Nazi Persecution” Colin de la Motte-
Sherman -  ILGCN History Secretariat - Berlin
"LGBT  Monuments;"-- Willi Reichhold, Sweden
Spain: Homage to the “Grey Ghosts of Tefía,” (Franco’s gay concentration camp)
Focus on Moldova – Ana Furtuna, Civil Rights Defenders
"We Can Be Gay Today"  (1st Vilnius Pride) - Francois  Message, France

TUESDAY, October 11   19.00-21.00      NORDIC ASSOCIATION
(Drottninggatan 30) (T-banaCentralen)
Focus on Brazil: "Music against the Dictatorship" -- Anders Ödvall, ILGCN ambassador - Brazil
Brazilian songs Homage to Brazil’s Renato Russo "Strani Amore" on this 20th year of his death.
Film trailer:
 "The Way He Looks" - Daniel Ribeiro, Brazil
Focus on Humanism and LGBT. David Verés, chair of European Rainbow Humanists, Hungary,
Bill Schiller – international secretary of Nordic Rainbow Humanists; Thomas Lovas, Budapest
Focus on Hungary:
 Thomas Lovas, ILGCN East European Secretariat
Focus on Anti-Facism:
Vilmos Hanti, president of Association of Anti-fascists
Austrian European Parliamentarian Ulrike Lunacek’s - EU LGBT video
Focus on Norway: 
Film: "Precious Moments" – Lars Daniel Krutzkoff Jacobsen  .Art, CD’s.

WEDNESDAY, October 12  -- 19.00-21.00  SECRET GARDEN
(Kornhamnstorg 59) (T-bana Gamla Stan)
Focus on Films: 
 Colin de la Motte-Sherman –  Berlin;  “Death in Venice” –“Mahler, Visconti, Mann”
Marie Falksten & Sweden’s 1st lesbian film:
“Eva and Maria”
Karin Lindeqvist:
Sweden’s lst LGBT book shop “Medusa,” comments on “Lambda Nordica”
Focus on Music:
 Ars Sono; Peter Fröberg, Elise Borderline Johanson, Anders  Ödvall, Sweden
Carl-Michael Edenborg on Hanns Heinz Ewers, Germany.
ILGCN’s “Clio and her Silver Cup” 2012 (history) award to Sweden.

THURSDAY, October 13  --  18.00-19.00   SIDETRACK
(Wollmar Yxkullsg. 7)  (T-ban Mariatorget)
“Sport is Culture:
gold at EuroGames-Helsinki” – Henrik Husgafvel, Sweden
Bears International –  Beyond the Nordic zone:
 Bears in Russia, Ukraine, Scotland.
Bear art:
 Luke Darko, France; Mike Wyeld, U.K; Charlie Hunter, Canada/UK
Carl-Michael Edenborg – rainbow cultural activities
International rainbow poetry
Bears International 2016 art awards

SATURDAY, October 15 – 19:00-21:00   FOLKLORE  CENTRUM
 (Wollmar Yxkullsg. 2) (T-bana Mariatorget)
Focus on Africa: 
RADO-Uganda, Eddy of Uganda.
 "I am Hannah” --  Marianne Maasa, “Pearl of Africa” – Jonny von Wallström, Sweden
 Izzy Young, (and from Allen Ginsberg).   International poetry
Focus on Kazakhstan:
Oleg Ivanov, ILGCN ambassador-Kazakhstan. “Community” LGBTQ life in
–Kazakhstan, by Olga Malyshera
Focus on Kyrgyzstan:
 – Viktor Novodonov, Alex Mamytov, Centralasien Grupperna
Dyke  Hard," "Hallongrottan TV" -- Bitte Andersson, Swedish ILGCN culture ambassador
ILGCN “Wings” film award
Songs, Music:
Robert Hill, Sweden

MONDAY, October 17  -- 15.00-17.00  POSTIVHIVAGRUPPEN
(Tjurbergsgatan 29) (T-bana Skanstull)
Focus on HIV/AIDS:
 History of PositHIVagruppen, Noak’s Ark; Bill Rubino’s Life Foundation
 "Quilt Project"  "Flavor Wrestling for HIV"
Focus on Poland:
"Warsaw LGBT Film Festivals."  Film trailers: Malga Kubiak, Ars Sonor, composer.
'Ars Homo Erotica,'-- Pawel Leszkowicz   
 Films Clips:
Polish Society of Anti-Discrimination

TUESDAY, October 18  --  19.00-21.00  NORDIC  ASSOCIATION
(Drottninggatan 30) (T-bana Centralen)
Focus on Canada:
 Eric Petersson, Canadian Embassy. 
"The Politics of Pride"- Bob Christie;
"Thin Lips, Thick Lips" – Paul Lee
Focus on Media:
 Anna-Maria Sörberg; Ulf Andersson - Amnesty Press; Ottar; Kennet Lindquist - SR, ILGCN web  Bill Schiller Kurdish Rainbow History & Culture  – Rase Berf, Regnbågskurder ILGCN Ambassador
“Vogue – performance dynamite: Harlem to St. Petersburg” – Daniel Lugo, Puerto Rico/Sweden
Trans films:
 "Undress Me" – Viktor Lindgren, "A Farmer's Desire" – Rebecka Rasmusson
ILGCN “Sappho in Paradise” literature award to Greenland

WEDNESDAY, October 19 – 19.00-21.00  SECRET GARDEN
(Kornhamnstorg 59) (T-bana Gamla Stan)
Focus on Belarus &  Russia:
Belarus-Russian-Ukraine LGBT in Sweden
Homage to Vadim Kozin – arrested by the KGB in 1944. 
Oleg Ivanov, Kazakhstan
ILGCN/Tupilak Russian, Belarus art, photos   “Touch” – photos of Mischa Badasyan, Russia/Berlin
”Hunted – War Against Gays in Russia" -- Ben Steele, UK;
 "They Still Smile"- Irina Sislova, Minsk
Elise Ria, Peter Fröberg, Sweden

TUESDAY, October 25 -- 19.00-21:00  NORDIC ASSOCIATION
(Drottninggatan 30) (T-bana Centralen)
Focus on Britain: British Council & LGBT culture.   
"Sebastian" – Derek Jarman, UK.
"Daddy and the Muscle Academy” -- Ilppo Pohjola
Tribute to Shakespeare’s 400th
Thomas Åberg, Sweden

Rainbow Library, Umeå, northern Sweden  – Christer Edeholt
Bears International , Finnish Bears, Bearty- Estonia, "Bears on
Ice,"- Iceland, "Berserk" – Denmark, “Dancing Bears” – Norway
Focus on Latvia, RFSL history - Kjell Rindar, Sweden

ILGCN Rainbow Warrior 2016 award to Latvia
Focus on Finland: Tributes to Tove Jansson,Tom of Finland. Linnea S. (on the Mari – Finland, Russia).
Closing Stockholm phase of 1st Nordic Rainbow History & Art Month.   Salute to Vilnius phase.

SALONG  LUGO  (Regeringsgatan 84 b) (T-ban Hötorget)

POSITHIVAGRUPPEN   (Tjurbergsgatan 29) (T-ban Skanstull)

NORDIC  ASSOCIATION  (Drottninggatan 30) (T-ban Centralen)

SECRET GARDEN   (Kornhamnstorg 59) (T-ban Gamla Stan)

SIDETRACK   (Wollmar Yxkullsg. 7)  (T-ban Mariatorget)

RÖKRIDÅ (Rökerigatan 9) (T-ban Globen)

FOLKLORE  CENTRUM   (Wollmar Yxkullsg. 2) (T-ban Mariatorget)